This weekend, I was CHI-RISH!

Friday, March 16 could not have come soon enough. Kevin left for weather radar training last Sunday (but I didn’t mention it on my blog or social networks for safety reasons) and was gone all week. Gracie and I were so bored even though we did get a lot of chick flick TV in. Nevertheless, I was so happy when Friday rolled around because that meant one thing: CHICAAAAAGO!

My job is pretty cool – I’ll just go ahead and say that right now. One of my clients ( was in the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade so I had to travel over there.  The best part is that my friends and family met me and Kevin in Chicago to do the parade with me. So in one weekend I got to:

  • Be in Chicago during one of the biggest holidays in the city.
  • Be IN the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade.
  • See my family whom I haven’t seen since Christmas.
  • See my friends whom I haven’t seen since Homecoming weekend.

Best weekend ever? Pretty close. I’ll do a quick recap:

I had a rental SUV for the weekend since I had to transport a lot of stuff for the parade and it was my first time driving in downtown Chicago. I was a little nervous, but proud to say I survived the roads (and incredibly small parking spaces)!

The view from our hotel was absolutely amazing.

Day shot! (Before the river was green)

FRIENDS!! I should also mention that Kevin is a very good boyfriend.

The whole gang.


Welp, that’s all I’ll report from Chicago for now. I have plenty more where that came from!

Both Kevin and I had the whole day off today and we were so productive! We woke up bright and early and took Gracie to the vet for her surgery. 🙁 I was so nervous, but managed to keep pretty busy all day to help keep my mind off it. After we dropped her off, I had an incredibly hearty and healthy breakfast from Starbucks:

My excuse: just dropped my dog off for surgery, so I’m eating a cake pop for breakfast. I think it works. And I had a gift card.

After Starbucks, I went to my dermatology appointment. After reading about Alyssa’s recent skin cancer experience, I called and made an appointment to get a check up right away. Thankfully, my moles are just fine, but it’s important to self-check all the time. Skin cancer is no joke!

After I got back from the doctor, we headed up to Target to look for a new bike for Kevin! He has been wanting to get a bike for a long time and one of his Christmas presents was money towards a new one, so we finally got the bike rack from my family and headed up to Target to check some out. I think it was a success!

I have plenty of other things to talk about regarding Chicago, but Gracie is almost out of surgery and we’re off to pick her up!


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