I haven’t written in a few days because I finally regained full-range motion in my arms after that killer work-out class. Now that I am able to type without pain, I figured I’d write about Chicago.

We were supposed to have Danny and Sara (our good friends from Cinci) come visit, but it ended up not working out, so Kev and I decided to take a trip to Chicago to visit my grandma, grandpa, aunt and brother. They went to Chicago because my grandpa is a HUGE baseball fan and probably knows more about baseball than anybody else in the world (not kidding, ask him a question and he’ll know the answer). He knows every date, player, number, team, manager, etc. It’s ridiculously awesome! He hates the Cardinals though (swore them off) and he’s always wanted to see a Cubs game at Wrigley Field. He said, “I’m 74 years old and before I die, I want to see Wrigley.” So, they took him to Wrigley and I’m pretty sure he had the time of his life.

Twitter is a magical thing. I have a friend who works with the Cubs, so I tweeted at him that my grandpa was there and what do you know? They got hats and awesome sunglasses!

They went to the game on Friday, and after I got off work, Kev and I drove to Chicago. It was about a five/six hour drive…so not too bad!.

Check out a few things we saw during our weekend –

Kevin driving away –











Couldn’t put my phone down (the drive was soooo boring – see next photo)









See what I mean? Boring.









We took a fun tour of the city. This building was featured in Transformers 3. Let me say it again, “Hellooooo, Shia!”









Jerry, Jerry, Jerry!









Vince Vaughn lives here. I waved –











Scariest thing ever! The SkyDeck –











How cute is he? He he –









We went to Gino’s East and Kev and I were both not in the mood for beer since we had some earlier in the day, so we opted for the “duo margarita.” Turns out, it’s gigantic and not made for two people. We finished it, though!









On our way home from Chicago, we stopped in Wilton, Iowa at the Wilton Ice Cream Parlor. It’s the oldest ice cream parlor in the entire country (been around since 1870 something, I think). It’s also where the banana split was created! The people that run it now are 92 and 83 and they are the CUTEST old people I’ve ever seen. I loved it!









Welp, that’s about all that happened in Chicago! When we got home, I made baked potato soup from scratch and it was delish. I don’t exactly remember the recipe, because I combined a couple and threw in a few things of my own. Next time I make it, I’ll try to write it down, though. Yum!









Oh, and I forgot to mention! Last week Kev and I went to the Iowa Cubs games with two of our new friends! The game was really fun! We got a beautiful view of downtown Des Moines from our walk to the stadium –









We also got a view of people fishing off the bridge. Say what?









Nothing too exciting is happening next week. I’ll be taking more classes at the gym, so I probably won’t be able to move for another four days. Can’t wait!

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