Chicago and Wedding Weekend

What an amazing weekend. As always, it flew by all too fast.

My MOH Katie and very good friend Jackie K and I spent time in downtown Chicago Friday evening and Saturday morning. We played catch-up, drank margaritas, ate expensive sushi, shared TMI stories, munched on macaroons and stayed up way too late chatting in Jackie’s amazing downtown Chicago apartment, per the usual.

Sushi be gone.

photo 2 Jackie’s view. She sees this every day.

photo 1 Almond, blueberry, peach and passion fruit. Heavenly macaroons at Toni’s.

photo 3

Before checking into our hotel on Saturday, we met up with more gals for margaritas at El Salto – a Valpo student staple. No photos were taken, but the margs did not disappoint.

Once in our hotel, we were all crowded in front of one mirror trying to get ready. We shared curling irons, make-up and helped each other figure out if those shoes matched that dress. Just. like. college. Why isn’t getting ready with Kevin that much fun?

Pretty soon, it was time to watch Jess walk down the aisle with her dad to meet Jason. The ceremony music was Disney. All the girls about died.

photo 4 You knew it was going to be one heck of a reception when the bride’s mom said, “let’s get this bar open!” when we congratulated her.

photo 5 photo 1We quickly discovered wedding receptions are a bit more fun thanks to the invention of Snap Chat.

photo 2

Congratulations, Jess & Jason! Thanks for letting us be a part of your big day. It was a blast!

College was the best, hands down, and I could not be more thankful for the friends and sisters I gained during those years. I never realized how terrible it would be living so far away from best friends, and it makes weekends like this one so, so great.

Goodbyes are too hard, but knowing I’ll see these girls again in a few short weeks and months for my own wedding festivities, as well as other friend’s weddings, makes it a bit easier to say goodbye. There were no tears this time! Well, until I got home.

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