Christmas is Near!

I’m just going to say right now that I don’t have any new recipes to share from this week. We’ve totally been repeat-recipe offenders.

Monday – Chicken noodle soup (I was sick!)

Tuesday – Dinner with friends at Viva La Bamba

Wednesday – Pioneer Woman’s Grilled Chicken with Lemon Basil Pasta. (So delicious, but I use half the lemons the recipe calls for.)

Thursday – Leftovers

Friday – Frozen pizza (this is our typical Friday dinner. This week we got fancy and and picked up Red Baron pizza because it was on sale!)

Saturday – Chicken, Tomato and Basil Pizza

Sunday – Leftovers, a random cheese quesadilla and cookies. Weird, I know.

Adventurous, aren’t we?

Aside from our boring food menu, this weekend was so great! Saturday we put up our Christmas decorations and now we are both in the Christmas mood! I grew up with a real tree and I absolutely loooove the smell and feel real trees give off. However, our apartment complex doesn’t allow real trees. I was all for saying ‘screw that’ and putting up a real one anyways (especially after our DISH TV catastrophe), but Kev vetoed that (so good, isn’t he?). One of my awesome Black Friday finds was a 6.5 ft. pre-lit Christmas tree from Target…for $30 (WIN!), so we put that up.

Don't worry - we are planning on wrapping presents and putting more decorations around the tree to hide the wire and make it look not so bare.

Looks great, doesn’t it!? When my parents visited, they brought a lot of random Christmas decorations they don’t put up any more. We got a TON of great ornaments! Kevin’s mom did the same when we visited for Thanksgiving. Yay for not having to buy many Christmas decorations!

While we put up the tree, we listened to Christmas music and made cookies. All we needed was snow!

Gracie looooves our tree.

Hate to break it to ya, chick. You are a little too big for that rug.

I just love cuddling under a blanket and watching TV with the tree lit right next to me. It’s just heavenly.

To make today even better, I popped in my season one of Gossip Girl DVD (another Black Friday find – $7.99 PER season at Target, $24 in savings PER season. Major win.) Anyways, I just watched the episode where Serena gave Dan “snow” for Christmas and I cried. Tears. So sweet and magical! I watched it twice. (I’m embarrassing myself now. I’ll stop.)

I know Kristin would agree – she loves Gossip Girl, too! Speaking of Kristin, I was reading one of her older posts (which I now conveniently cannot find) and she asked a question about living somewhere for one month, rent free. If I had that option, I would DEFINITELY live in New York city. One of the things on my bucket list is to work in NYC. I think it is one of the most amazing, lively, upbeat, unique and beautiful cities in the world. I’m lucky to have been there once, and I’m itching to go back! I think Gossip Girl has New York on my mind. I should probably stop watching and go read a book or something. (Good one. I’ll most likely finish season one tonight.)

Off to finish watching this disk and play with the pup!

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