Christmas Prep

This weekend might as well have been declared EAT ALL THE COOKIES weekend because that’s what it sure felt like! It rained cats and dogs and we even got a nice little thunderstorm, so it was the perfect weekend to finish Christmas shopping, wrap presents and make a million cookies.


Kevin’s favorite cookies are spritz cookies (or as he calls them, “Christmas trees”). I don’t like them at all, but this kitchen gadget is so fun to use!




Get this: Kev loves spritz cookies; I hate ’em. I love cake pops; Kev hates ’em…of course! But it’s Christmas…so multiple types of desserts are a must. Cake pops are such a pain to make, so I hardly ever do, but again…Christmas is a special occasion.




The last cookie I made this weekend was specially requested by my grandma. My grandma and grandpa host Christmas Eve for the whole family (both of their sides!) and she said she wanted my oatmeal craisin cookies to make an appearance, along with the other treats I’m bringing. Can’t say no to grandma! I also can’t say no to these cookies – I’ve eaten like 12 today.



All of the presents are wrapped and under the tree and it is making me SO excited to go to St. Louis tomorrow morning!


Kevin and I are exchanging out gifts tonight, while we make a nice dinner at home and watch It’s a Wonderful Life.


It’s going to be the best way to kick off Christmas week!


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