Church, Priest? Check!

Soooo who thought last night’s Gossip Girl episode was ahhhh-mazing? Anyone? Crickets? Me neither. I had been looking forward to the final season’s first episode for SO long and it was such a let down! When season 5 ended, I thought for sure that Blair and Chuck would be together, Dan would be thriving in Italy with a new book written (and Georgina would have gotten lost), Serena would be back in New York after screwing around all summer, Rufus and Lily would be back together and Charlie/Ivy would have gone away. I can only hope the rest of the season gets better. (P.S. Dan needs a haircut!)

Now I’ll talk about actual real life.

Kev and I have been so extremely excited to go to Louisville this weekend and look at houses! We talked to our realtor (who my dad helped us find because he’s an awesome real estate agent in STL!) and she picked out some great houses for us to look at. We’re remaining very optimistic, even though today we found out that our very favorite house, which was in our price range, in the perfect location and had everything we wanted, sold! Agh just three days before we got to see it! Thank you to everyone who told us to keep our chins up – you’re right – we’ll find something even better. 😉

We’re heading out of town Thursday night when I get off work and driving to St. Louis. This helps us split up the long, 10-hour drive (with a time change!) and we’re able to see my parents! Plus, they’re going to watch Gracie for us. Nala is excited already.

Then, early on Friday morning, we’ll head over to Louisville to look at houses. We plan on going up to Cincinnati to see Kevin’s family and most likely Danny and Sara too! We hope to head back to St. Louis Sunday night so we can spend Monday in St. Louis doing wedding stuff!

Speaking of wedding stuff….our church and priest!! I forgot to talk about it the last time I blogged and I know I briefly mentioned it during my stress rant. Can’t leave ya hanging!

So…Kevin and I are getting married at Our Lady of the Lourdes in Clayton! It’s a beautiful Catholic church near the Forest Park area. We found this church through my aunt – the current priest of Our Lady of the Lourdes (OLOL) is my aunt’s old priest and she still keeps in contact with him.  We talked to Father Carl and told him our situation (I’m Lutheran, Kevin’s Catholic, we will be living in Louisville so we can’t do our pre-marriage classes at OLOL, etc.). He said that he’s currently preparing three couples who are similar to us and he would welcome us to get married there! Hooray! And the best news yet?

Kevin and I asked Father Kevin, from Valpo’s St. Teresa of Avila to marry us! In college, Kevin regularly went to church at St. T’s and I joined him occasionally. I had the opportunity to get to know Father Kevin pretty well and we are so excited he’s going to be the one marrying us. I’m just overjoyed that it will be someone we BOTH know, and not a stranger or an officiant only one of us knows.

Here’s a picture of OLOL. Absolutely gorgeous – I can’t wait to see it in person on Monday!

Church? Check. Priest? Check. Woot woot!

We are moving right along!

We also hope to go by New Town on Monday so we can see our reception site. Nothing like booking venues without seeing them. Good thing we trust my family’s judgment quite well!

Well, our time in Des Moines is certainly running short. It makes us really sad to think about it, but we’re both so thrilled to be moving to Louisville. Since we only have a few weeks left, we’re going to try to fit as many things in as possible. Here’s our running list, although I know we have a LOT to add. Locals – what should we definitely do before we leave?

Like how most of those revolved around food?

I feel like we’ve done a lot here in Iowa during our year of living here, but I know there’s much more to see and do.

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6 thoughts on “Church, Priest? Check!

  1. So exciting! Let me know how the house-looking goes! Kevin and I are going to be in Cincinnati this weekend but feel free to text us if you need restaurant recommendations or something 🙂

  2. Sweet! Exciting stuff. We will miss you here! Don’t forget about Gray’s Lake. Have you eaten at Lucca yet? That’s a must. Good luck with everything, girl!!

    • We’ve been to Gray’s Lake! It’s gorgeous! I’ve never eaten at Lucca – worth a trip? Thanks for the suggestions!!

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