Compromises are special. They are spectacular. They make me so happy. For instance:

Me: “Hey, I really don’t feel like cooking. Let’s get Chinese food!!”
Kevin: “No, let’s cook. We can go for a run, then come home, cook and watch the Cardinals game.”
Me: “Orrr, we can run TO the Chinese food place, come home, drink and watch the Cardinals game.”
Kevin: “Okay.”

Easy as that. We’re clearly enjoying our good decisions this evening:

Anyways, have you heard about all the new Facebook changes yet? I’ve seen a ton of friends complain about how they don’t like the new timeline, but just you wait! Facebook announced *major* changes and last week I got the chance to check them out. I know, I’m a nerd for being interested in this new change, but I basically do social media for a living, so I like this stuff.

Check out what all our timelines (aka – profile pages) will look like in the next couple weeks:

There is a section on the right side of the page that lets you scroll “through the years” like a scrapbook. It’s a little scary looking back at what I was writing in 2005 (I was 16), but it’s still fun to see!

A few posts from friends and junior year prom photo...way old school

I wanted to tell you guys about this past weekend! It was so fun (and productive)! Well, Kevin worked Friday night, so I decided to be Susie Homemaker and make cake pops, start my college scrapbook project and do laundry. It was fun (umm minus the laundry part). Cake pops are these super cute mini cakes that are incredibly rich and sweet. However, they’re a bitch to make. I mean, it’s like a two-day process. First, you bake a cake, then you let it cool completely. Then, you mix in icing and roll the icing into small balls. Then, you put the balls in the freezer for a couple hours so they harden. Then, you dip them in candy melt. After this first cake pop experience, candy melts and I are no longer friends. The cake pops tasted SO GOOD, but they looked like I ran them over with my car:

I went to Hobby Lobby to get the stuff for cake pops (candy melt, that foam thing to stick them in and lollipop sticks) but they just happened to have 50 percent of nearly every single scrapbooking item so I bought a lot. It was smart though because I had just gotten my 600+ prints from college in the mail, so this gave me motivation to start the scrapbooks!

I haven’t scrapbooked since high school. I love looking back at them:

I was good at volleyball once upon a time...

Ah I miss high school!

So far, I only have like two pages done from college. Yep, I dedicated almost an entire page to naps. Hey, naps were an integral part of college!

So. many. pictures. We won’t be eating at our kitchen table for years:

We went to Des Moines Oktoberfest Saturday night with some new friends. It was so fun! We had a #winning night because we got many beers for free. Then, we headed over to El Bait Shop and High Life for a few more drinks. El Bait Shop has TONS of beers. It’s very similar to Global Brew (owned by a friend) in Edwardsville (if you live in STL, check it out!) I got a Lindemans Framboise and Kevin got some sort of peach wheat beer. We headed to High Life which is a bar that doesn’t serve any alcohol that wasn’t made after 1970. It has shag carpet, super retro-looking tables and the TV’s are even older. It’s so fun!

Well, that was our fun-filled weekend/week. This weekend we are heading to Valpo for HOMECOMING! We’re so excited. Kevin, I quote, says he is “going to fit four years of college in one weekend.” Let’s see how that turns out.

GO CARDS! Important game tonight, so I must get back to my beer and TV!

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