Ready to be settled

My parents are coming in town IN THREE DAYS because Kevin and I want to show them a house that we like. My dad is a real estate agent and I completely trust his opinion and I can’t wait for them to walk through it.

Kevin and I are beyond ready to have a home. BEYOND READY. Our whole senior year I was looking for internships after college. The whole time I was at my internship at Weber Shandwick after college, I was waiting to find out where Kevin was getting placed. Once we found out where he got placed, we moved into a tiny apartment in Des Moines basically waiting to figure out what our next step would be (we knew Kevin could get promoted fast, but the question was where) and now we’re here in Louisville living in temporary housing with our stuff in storage.

I have my bedroom dressers at my parent’s house, clothes at my parent’s house, Kevin has stuff at his mom’s house and some of our stuff is in storage while some is here with us. I just want a house, where all of my stuff can be, and stay for longer than a year. Seriously, I dream of the day where I OWN a drawer, and that drawer can be designated to things like…towels. And only towels. And all of the towels that I own in my life, will live in that drawer. For years. And years and years. And the towels never have to leave that drawer. Because I own that drawer. THAT WILL BE THE DAY.

I cannot tell you how stressful the last few weeks have been. I looked at my time sheets from work the other day (we bill our time like lawyers) and I haven’t worked a week under 55 hours since JULY. That on top of moving, on top of wedding stuff (which has totally been put on the back burner), plus getting ready for our cruise, plus a little thing called Christmas (and Christmas shopping), plus everything else that deals with day-to-day living has nearly given me an ulcer!

Did I mention we don’t have a place to live as of Jan. 2?

I did get some good news today, though. We leave for our cruise in less than two weeks and today I got approval to take my 9 days of saved-up vacation at the end of this year. My out of office response will basically read, “I will be away from the office from December 16 until January 2.” THAT IS CRAZY-FREAKING-AWESOME.

Less than two weeks. Less than two weeks. Less than two weeks. It can be done.

My momma knows how to make me feel better because just when I needed it, she sent me the cutest little letter in the mail that meant more than she’ll ever know. Thanks, momma. You’re the best. 😉

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  1. You could use for future drawings. You just have to figure out a way to give people numbers. Just a thought for future reference. 🙂

    • Yeah, I’ve heard of before but because there’s so few entries, and people entered multiple times, it’s just easier to cut it up. Thanks, though!

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