Cord-Free Zone

We made one giant leap towards a cord-free zone. Let me tell you how you too can live a cord-free life.

This is what we were dealing with ever since we bought this amazing full-motion TV mount. (Which was, by the way, well worth the $100 – we can literally watch TV from any spot downstairs, including the kitchen.)

IMG_2624While we love our TV mount, there isn’t a chunky entertainment center to hide all of the cords. Solution?

Why Home Depot, of course.

Enter Cordmate II: you can buy the whole kit, or you can buy just a few pieces. In our case, we taped up the wires and measured how long our cord covers needed to be. Since we didn’t need a lot, we opted to buy just a few pieces, including an elbow part. I believe our total cost was around $12. I’ll double check and get back to you on that.

Here’s a zoomed in shot of the two cord covers and elbow piece.


Kevin cut the pieces to size and all we had to do was peel off the backing and snap the cords inside the cover.

Both Kevin and I have to laugh every time we do a home project because they’ve all turned out to be way more complicated and time consuming than we ever imagined. Hiding our cords happened in all but 20 minutes, I kid you not. And there was no argument, groaning, complaining or walking away from the project involved.

So we went from the above disaster, to this for $12 and the time it takes to watch one Friends episode. Can’t beat that!


Now, we’re not completely out of the woods. We still have cords coming straight from the TV because our mount is a full-motion one and if we would have hidden all of the cords, our TV would be stationary and we can’t have any of that. So we decided to leave a few inches of cord coming straight down from the TV so we have the ability to move the mount as we please.

Next steps include:

  • Painting the cord covers (YES you can paint them! Did I not mention that before? Perhaps it’s the best part of all! They will blend in oh-so perfectly).
  • Decorating that darn mantle that is just begging to be decorated (this will also help blend the few inches of cord that are left out in the open.)

Easy as pie. And I thought this would be a terrible, terrible home improvement project.

Now that cord hiding 101 is over, I’m going to get back to the USA vs. MEX soccer game! Kevin and I are wide awake and full of energy because we just got back from seeing Olympus Has Fallen and even though it was very far-fetched, it was action-packed and incredibly entertaining. And oh. my. word. Gerald Butler. End of story. (It also has the same dramatic music by Hans Zimmer (you know, this) from the movie Pearl Harbor. Which I think I need to go watch…like tomorrow because it’s so good.)

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2 thoughts on “Cord-Free Zone

  1. Good work! We haven’t put our TV up on the mantle because I just hate to lose it as a decorative space, and because it would through off our room layout I think, although I’m exited to see how yours turns out for inspiration!

    • We really REALLY didn’t want to have to mount our TV but because our main floor is completely open, we had no other choice (or any other walls!). I suppose it’s a blessing to have the windows and openness, but it really makes figuring out where to put a TV hard! We hope we end up happy with our decision after putting a little bit more effort into it. 🙂

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