Cruise Recap #2

I’ll try to spare details, but after being up all night with my face in the toilet after some adverse reaction to medicine I’m on for an infection, I literally thought, “OKAY! 2013 HAS TO GET BETTER FROM HERE!”

And it did today.

It only took 10 days, but I finally had a day that wasn’t downright horrible.

It started when I woke up and Gracie’s limp wasn’t as bad and by the end of the day, we hardly noticed it. So let’s just keep praying that it stays that way!

Secondly, I got a nice phone call from Apple letting me know that my computer was ready for pick up! I walked into the Apple store with Kevin with my heart pounding a mile a minute just praying my data was saved. After shelling out half my life savings, I turned it on and VOILA it was all there. Hallelujah! Seriously.

And because I have my fantastic Macbook back (which is almost brand new, by the way, because they basically had to replace everything. that wine was ridic.), I have our cruise pictures and can post another recap!

So after getting settled in Serenity and watching the ship depart for the wide open ocean, we headed back to our staterooms and were welcomed with our first towel animal of the trip and our activities sheet for the next day.

Little cutie.


I sadly discovered that I did not take any pictures of our delicious dinner our first night, and I think it’s because I forgot my camera. So instead, I’ll share this gem.


After dinner, we headed straight to the Punchliner Comedy Club and let me tell you, we never laughed so hard in our lives. I mean, we were crying and dying all at the same time.


The Miami Vice’s helped with the hysteria.


Strawberry daiquiri and pina colada side-by-side!


After getting our work-out in from laughing so hard, we went upstairs to the Lido deck to check out the boat and views at night before getting to bed. Sadly, I cannot admit that these are stars, but rather rain drops. We can pretend they’re stars, though.


I would continue here, but the second day of our cruise involved two for one margs and free shots. It deserves its own post.

*I’m certainly aware that I do not have the worst problems in the world (even during moments when I’m convinced I do – but don’t we all do that?). With that being said, I’d like to ask for you guys to keep one of my very good friend in your prayers and thoughts as her dad has begun undergoing chemotherapy treatments.*

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