First of all, I have to acknowledge how much of a BRAT I was for not thanking everyone who gave me such great advice for wedding dress shopping in Monday’s post! Seriously, I’m a brat and I’m sorry. Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful advice!

There aren’t too many exciting things happening around our parts these days. Seriously, this is as exciting as its been.

I left a coupon that I didn’t need for someone else. Good deed? I think it counts.

photo 2

Gracie and I have been trying to get back into our running routine. Back in the fall, we ran every day outside together and I actually learned how to stop hating on running. The 70 degree weather was nice yesterday. The torrential downpour that began halfway through our run today made it not so nice.

photo 1

Well, my super awesome twin from another life, Alyssa, posted this fun little survey the other day and, well, I couldn’t resist.

Currently, I am: 

Watching UC basketball. (Do you like our boxes? Such nice apartment decor.)

photo 3

Listening to Kevin yell at the TV.

Feeling pooped and anxious for the weekend even though we have zero plans.

Thinking about how Justin Bieber’s new acoustic album is really good and how embarrassed I am to admit that.

Craving the Blue Bell ice cream staring at me from the kitchen.

Wearing sweatpants that I’ve worn all day. Oops.

Dreaming of potentially and hopefully going to NYC for work next month!

Excited for Feb. when Kevin and I go to St. Louis for a long weekend.

Favorite Show The West Wing. We’ve been watching on Netflix and obsession is an understatement. (#ilovejosh)

Planning buying a house and a wedding. And roughly 88 events throughout 2013 at work. This is why the wine and I made up after our little extremely costly incident.

Celebrity Crush Currently? Jennifer Lawrence. Daily? Jennifer Aniston. Oh, you mean men? I have a list.

Thanking God for a whole lot of everything in life. It may have been a rough start to 2013 on a material level, but I have a lot to be thankful for.

And with that…Happy Wednesday! The weekend is almost here. 😉


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