Danny & Sara Get Hitched!

Our best friends Danny and Sara tied the knot just a few short weeks ago and WHAT A TIME IT WAS! This wedding is one I’m going to want to remember for years to come, so it calls for a recap.

Us girls kicked off the morning with mimosas at Sara’s parents’ house while we got our hair and makeup done. The morning flew by and before we knew it, the party bus had arrived to pick us up!


Sara and her two sisters are the best. We were all so excited for Sara on our way to the church.


And obviously, because I was standing up with Sara as a bridesmaid and Kevin was on the other side as Danny’s best man, I don’t have any pictures from the ceremony.


But pretty soon they were Mr. and Mrs. and we were back on the party bus with the whole gang for pictures!


Just like our wedding day, the party bus was quite possibly one of my favorite parts from their day. Oh, and lookie lookie. My brother joined the party.


Their reception was such a blast. Dinner, dances and speeches flew by and we were up dancing the rest of the night away. And just like at our wedding, Peter caught the garter. Ha!




Have I mentioned how much I love my family? Both mine and Kevin’s families were invited and we had the best time dancing the night away with the bride and groom. (Left to right: My brother, me, Kevin, Kevin’s mom, Kevin’s sister, my mom and my dad…see? The best.)

photo 1

I also think that everyone should know that when you put Kevin or Peter on the dance floor, it gets a little crazy. Put them on the same dance floor? Woah.

photo 2 (1)

Like I said, we had a pretty great time, as you can probably see.


Danny and Sara threw one hell of a party, that’s for sure. It was such an honor to be a part of their big day and we wish them nothing but the very best!

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