Date? Check!

We set a date for our wedding!

Going into planning our wedding, we decided to find a venue that we liked before setting a date. We said once we found a venue, we’d look at their available dates and pick from there.

As you know, our first go at looking at venues didn’t go so well, but naturally, on Sunday evening (you know, as soon as we got back from STL) we came across New Town St. Charles (actually my dad’s friend told him about it!). We quickly fell in love with the tent setting, location, size and accommodations. I sent my family to go scope it out and they came back with nothing but positive things to say. They sent me a ton of pictures and videos and said it was a beautiful venue and thought it would be perfect!

We haven’t even seen the venue yet, but we trust my family’s opinion and booked it today!

October 19, 2013!

  • Date
  • Venue
  • Caterer (this venue has a preferred caterer and we love them!)
  • A million other things

We’ll take care of those million other things later, we’re just really excited to have the date, venue and caterer set!

We picked October because we both love fall and we picked Oct. 19 because Oct. 18 is actually our dating anniversary. So on the day of our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, we will have been dating for 6 years! (This anniversary will be easy to remember, right?!)

The next thing we want to book is the church. We’re pretty sure we’re going to get married Catholic. Long story short: Kevin is Catholic, I am Lutheran, but half of my family is Catholic. To put it simply, it meant more to Kevin to get married Catholic than it meant to me to get married Lutheran. I knew that by dating him and wanting to spend the rest of my life with him, that we would eventually need to come to this decision and we’re happy with our choice!

After the church is booked, Kevin and I really want to book our DJ (because that’s really important to us – we both love to dance!) and our photographer. I’m having trouble with a photographer though because I think I will truly treasure our wedding day photos, but they are RIDICULOUSLY expensive (at least the good, photojournalistic ones are). So right now we’re trying to decide what we want to do about that. Hmmmm….

Lots of exciting wedding news! This weekend I will be doing nothing but relaxing – and I’m really looking forward to that. I am still so tired from last weekend!

On Sunday, Kevin and I are venturing up to Minneapolis! I have to go for work and Kev is coming with me. While we’re up there, we plan on spending time with our friends Jake & Rachel who recently moved from DSM to Minneapolis. What should we do while were there? We’ve never been, so send us your suggestions!

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