Daytime Date

As I mentioned in my blog post Thursday night, Kevin’s work schedule is a little strange because meteorology is a 24/7 job (he even works Christmas!). That also means that he works weekends (a lot), but we still try to have fun when we are together on Saturdays and Sundays.

We started today by enjoyed a lovely brunch consisting of egg and cheese sandwiches, fresh strawberries and coffee, of course.

Then, we saddled up the bikes and headed to Saylorville Lake to hit the trails!


Unfortunately, we realized we each had one nearly flat tire about a mile into our ride. Oops. So we only did a three-mile loop before heading to DQ to get some rewarding Blizzards.

After our bike ride, we took Gracie for a walk and watched The Weather Channel. We’re cool. But no, seriously, be careful today, friends. Tons of storms are coming all over the Midwest and a lot of the bad ones will happen overnight so stay safe!

Here’s our set up for the evening:

NOAA Weather Radio with batteries, flashlight with new batteries and two candles. We also have tennis shoes and bottles of water ready in the closet (our safe place – we don’t have a basement) if it gets really bad. Kevin says I’m overreacting, but I say better safe than sorry!

One more quick weather-related thing: if you can, call reports into your local NWS (National Weather Service) office. The numbers can be found on their website ( or All you need to do is say, “I’m in Johnston and there is baseball size hail.” They’ll say, “Thank you” and hang up, but it’s really important to call in reports. It’s helps them with their forecasting tremendously!

And I’m done with the weather talk now. I feel as though it’s my duty so I apologize if I’m boring you!

Adios for the rest of this afternoon and evening – I have a Blues game to watch!

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