Destin 2016

Once upon a time, Kevin and I had a week off work dedicated to go storm chasing. As you read before, we kicked off our vacation with Kevin’s sister’s college graduation in Cincinnati and our friend’s wedding in Indianapolis. After those events, we planned on heading west.

But…there were no storms. So we spent the first couple of days in St. Louis to figure out a game plan. At least I got to see my hometown! <3


And we ate well! One night, we went and grabbed Mexican food and margs with my parents at Chimi’s. Their shrimp fajitas are fire.


Okay okay so Destin. How’d we end up there?

Well, after Sunday and Monday in St. Louis and no signs of storms anywhere, we decided to not waste our vacation and we hightailed it to Florida! We left Tuesday afternoon and stopped in Madison, Alabama to break the drive up in two days. Madison doesn’t have much, but they do have this amazing little brewery, called Blue Pants Brewery. If you’re every driving to Destin or passing through Madison, go there!


Tuesday nights, the night we happened to be there, was half price pint night! Couldn’t have been better.


We actually met up with Kevin’s friend from meteorology classes, who is getting his PhD nearby, and had a beer with him as well. The brewery turned to Blues game on for us, but we lost so let’s not talk about that.

So after a few beers and great time in Madison, we woke up the next morning and ventured the rest of the way down to Destin!


We booked our condo on Monday night, so we got real lucky with this one you guys. We knew we wanted an ocean-front room because, well, I’m a snob about the beach and have been to Destin many of times and I just wanted to be right on the ocean again. Luckily, we found ONE left in our price range for our dates!


It slept 4 which was perfect for us. It had one bedroom(a pullout couch, if needed), 1.5 baths and a great kitchen, full of all the equipment we’d need.



The only bad thing about this condo, was that the bed was literally the most uncomfortable bed I’ve ever slept on in my entire life. I’m super picky about beds (I sound like a real brat right now, huh?) but even Kevin thought it sucked. I slept like total crap and kept waking up with a backache.


Okay but anyways, let’s check out this view! It was worth a few rough nights of sleep!

Our condo was on the 14th floor, so we were able to see for miles!


We arrived around 2 p.m. in the afternoon so we knew we could have a few hours of beach time if we wanted! So, we changed right into our suits and hopped in the water.


Ah, bliss. I think I was born to lay on the beach. That’s my calling in life.


Kevin left his sunglasses at home so I let him borrow my Ray-Bans until we could make our way to Walmart later that evening to buy a couple cheapy pairs for us. Well, an hour into being in the water, Kevin got knocked over by a wave and we said goodbye to a pair of $125 sunnies.

We weren’t going to let that damper our vacation, though! Once the sun started to set, we headed over to Walmart to get our staples for the week. This includes Blue Bell ice cream, because duh. We also each made sure to buy a pair of $2.50 sunglasses while we were there!


For our first night, we wanted to go out to dinner and celebrate being on vacation so we ventured over to The Crab Trap and had a beer in the sand while we waited for our table.


Our view was amazing. I just couldn’t believe we were at one of my favorite destinations on earth!


We split a salad and crab/shrimp entree. Plenty of food for the both of us…though we fought over the last crab leg. Too delicious.


We woke up pretty early the next morning so we could get in a good full day at the beach. I started with coffee and breakfast on the balcony, which is how I’d spend every morning of my life if I could.


A cooler full of beer at 10 a.m. is completely okay when you’re on vacation, right? K good.


Or margaritas 😉


We spent all day down at the beach except for a quick lunch break. So by the time we got up to the condo that evening, we were starving and sunburnt (despite reapplying every hour or so!).


We decided to go to a local seafood market to get some fresh fish and shrimp for meals. We made shrimp tacos our first night and they were so tasty.


The Blues were still in the playoffs when we were in Destin so we made sure to watch all the games that were on while we were there. Unfortunately, they lost…so again, we’re just not going to talk about that.


One night while we were there, we did have a big storm that passed by. Because I’m the best wife ever (and was already sleeping horribly), I got up at 4 a.m. to help Kevin take pictures of the lightning on the water. We ended up getting a couple amazing shots!

This counted as storm chasing, right?


Unfortunately, the storms stuck around during the day on Friday so we didn’t go to the beach taht day. We did, however, walk to the Island Wing Company for beers and lunch. Highly recommend their spicy chicken sandwich!


The storms cleared up by the afternoon so we took a nice long walk on the beach, a couple miles each way. So peaceful!



Saturday was our last full day so we spent our time in the water! This is where Kevin broke sunglass pair #2 and lost pair #3. So yes, three sunglasses gone in three days.


But it’s fine, because BEACH!


By the time we got to Saturday, Kev and I were pretty burned (again, despite putting on loads of sunscreen). So when we took a break to refill our drinks, Kevin napped for a few minutes totally covered up. Cracks me up.


Later that afternoon, we walked over to The Back Porch for lunch. This place is one of my favorites in Destin and will always remind me of my grandpa.



I got the shrimp and crab pasta which was so good, I promptly napped right in our beach chair as soon as we got to our spot after lunch. Big lunch + sun + drinks = prime napping recipe.


For our last dinner, we made a delicious mahi mahi, which we also got from the local seafood shop.


Sunday we said not goodbye, but hopefully, see ya real soon. Nine hours later, we were back home in Louisville. Until next time, Destin!


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  1. Love this! Destin is my home away from home and my absolute fav place to be! I know the waves that took the glasses! Ha! Thanks for being so delightful – just booked my condo because of your post!

    • Thanks for the sweet comment, Amy! I love hearing that other people love Destin as much as I do! I hope you guys have a GREAT trip! Xo

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