Dinosaur BBQ

Hello from Albany, New York! I just got done with a client event and while it was a very long day, it was SO gorgeous and I’m thankful I got to spend it outside.

I’m feeling much better today after yesterday’s extreme sleepiness fiasco. Before my client even yesterday, I went downstairs to the hotel breakfast and it was definitely a winner. I overloaded on food because it was FREE! I love free stuff.

I also continued reading Giuliana and Bill’s new book, “Now What?” I know I’m not married and this book is basically about their marriage, but I really love their story and think their reality TV show is hilarious.

For lunch, I ate on RIT’s campus and opted for their nachos…does that surprise you? I ate nachos, drank mountain dew and stole free campus Wi-Fi (to work remotely)…I definitely felt like a college student again. And then I decided I should go run 10 miles.

When I arrived in Albany, I picked my aunt up because she is spending the rest of the week with me! She has tons of extra vacation time and enough frequent flyer miles to use on a quick weekend trip to New York. Her coming up here is actually the reason why we’re going to NYC – I wouldn’t want to do that city alone! 🙂

After we got settled in the hotel, we decided to hit up the famous Dinosaur BBQ restaurant. They have multiple locations in this area and I heard from Twitter friends and Courtney how good it was, so I knew we had to try it.

Just like Courtney, I opted to get the Blue Point Blueberry Ale. It was delish. Plus it’s local!

And for dinner…OMG. I got the bbq salmon topped with mango salsa, with a side salad and mac n cheese. The mac n cheese had jalapeños in it. Jalapeños! So good. Oh and cornbread. Because the other four items weren’t enough.

Awkward iPhone photo with a flash. Lovely.

Today we were at the Albany Tulip Festival which is like the Iowa State Fair on crack. I am a huge lover of food trucks (hello, DSM, can we please get some?!) and when I saw the Slidin’ Dirty truck, the menu immediately grabbed my attention.

My aunt and I split the trio and I ate a wonderful shrimp taco with avocado sauce while she dug into a grilled buffalo chicken slider. We split some avocado fries (with avocado ranch…duh) and a super fresh lemonade.

We were walking around and I heard the band playing a song I knew and then I realized it was Fountains of Wayne! I really don’t know too much about that band or listen to them often, but I thought it was pretty cool.

After the festival, we drove around Albany for a bit to check out the adorable houses. I just love this architecture!

Now we’re back in our room relaxing before heading out to dinner to catch the New York Rangers Game 7! What better place to root on the Rangers than New York?! (Okay, Madison Square Gardens would be better.)

🙂 Adios!

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2 thoughts on “Dinosaur BBQ

  1. Ahhh, so glad you liked the beer!! And I’m wicked jealous that you got to go to Tulip Fest. It was such nice weather and it’s always so much fun to go…we just didn’t make it over this year. Ahh well, looks like it was great though. Hope you enjoyed your stay in Albany! 🙂

    • Albany was wonderful! I thank your city for being such great hosts with so many wonderful things to see and do. Tulip Fest was amazing, but there weren’t any Tulips because of the weird spring! Can’t wait to go back!

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