Disney Memories

Well, well, well! What an insane week it has been! Let me recap:


Saturday, one of my best friends from college visited her hometown, Omaha, for the long weekend, so I drove over and we tried on bridesmaid dresses! It was so great to see her and her fiance Jake and get some wedding planning done. After all, I haven’t been in a wedding in forever, let alone a maid of honor, so I have some learning to do!

I could only stay for a couple of hours because I had a plane to catch Sunday morning at six-frigging-thirty in the morning. Eek!

Work trip

I went on my second work trip this week! My first trip was to Chicago for a meeting my very first day, but this trip was to Birmingham and ORLANDO (one of my favorite cities!). We ate some pretty great food on our trip and we got to see the Wonderful World of DISNEY!

Loaded Southern Baked Potato: Loaded Baked potato plus BBQ Chicken in Alabama. Yum.

Steamed Seafood Bucket in Florida

When we landed in Orlando on Wednesday, we had some free time but not enough time to pay the $90 ticket to go to a Disney or Universal park. So instead we opted to go to Downtown Disney, which is a free area near the parks. It definitely wasn’t the same as going to a park, but it was close enough!

I’m very fortunate to have been to Disney World multiple times as a child and the last time I went was my senior year of high school. Seeing the Mickey ears everywhere and princess costumes brought back a flood of amazing memories. I was like a kid in a candy shop.

Quite possibly freaked out upon driving into Walt Disney World

I think I text Kevin, “seriously, can our first vacation together be to Disney?” about 100 times. He stopped responding after the first hour I was there.


Beauty and the Beast was and is my favorite Disney movie. My parents said they have seen it a million times because it was the only movie I watched as a child. I mean, the obsession runs deep. When I saw this beautiful Belle costume, I fell in love.

(Also, if you go to Disney World and visit MGM park, make time to see the Beauty and the Beast play in one of the outdoor theaters. It’s my favorite!)

Sad this is blurry, but you get the point

Not only was it awesome being near Disney stuff, the weather in Orlando was GORGEOUS! I’ll take sunny and 80 degrees any day.

Don’t laugh, but you know how when you stay in hotels, they have a channel with tons of things to do in that city? Well the Orlando hotel we stayed in has a channel dedicated just to the parks. I watched it on repeat at night. And it was awesome.

Going to the airport was so sad because I saw the Disney Magical Express, a bus service that takes you to the resort hotels when you stay on site. We always took that and I wanted to just sneak on!

I was all happy being in Orlando until a thunderstorm hit the airport around 6:30, right when my plane was supposed to take off. And since the Des Moines airport is the size of my apartment, they hardly have any direct flights so I missed my connecting flight in Atlanta due to the delay. I tried to get on another flight, but the Delta people were not helpful whatsoever, so I called my good friend Peter from Valpo and crashed at his place. Thanks, Peter!!!!!

So that was my week so far! I have today off since I worked part of the weekend and I couldn’t be happier to have a three-day weekend. We have our friend George from Valpo visiting us and we’re planning on doing some fun things around town the rest of the weekend!


If you are friends with me on Facebook or follow me on Twitter, you probably saw me share some posts about Casa Gallardo restaurants in St. Louis closing for good. I am really upset because not only is it my absolute favorite restaurant in the world, my parents met while working there in 1985 so we eat there for birthdays, anniversaries and more rather frequently. I’m so sad I didn’t even get to go one last time – they announced they were closing yesterday and that was it! 🙁


More depressing news: Gracie needs eye surgery. We’re calling the vet on Monday to make an appointment.


I about died laughing yesterday. Since I have been gone for five days, I had no clue what food we had/what Kevin ate, so I sent him to the grocery store to pick up a few things for the weekend. He bought: Gracie’s dog food (good!), ground beef (we had some in the freezer) and buns (we had some in the freezer). We have no breakfast food, lunch food, fruit or vegetables, but we have dog food and stuff for burgers! I’m going to make a trip out this afternoon and get some stuff for this new taco recipe I found on Pinterest (where else?!). Should be delicious and I’ll post it after we make it!

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