DIY Backyard String Lights

How is Wednesday treating all y’all?

This week is kicking my fanny. I haven’t looked forward to a Friday like this in a loooooong time.

Because today was so much more hectic than normal, I really really had the itch to get out of the house, enjoy the nice weather and do another day of my Couch to 5K app. Except, I am supposed to stay off my toe for two weeks and it’s only been one week. However, I’d been taking such great care of it and it’s felt really good lately so I decided to go for it. I only lasted about 10 minutes before it started rubbing and I felt like I should turn around and not rub the scab off that’s currently there. I have to remember that part of my toenail was ripped off and new skin has to fully grow in its place, but because it doesn’t hurt anymore, its hard to remember to be careful around it.

Regardless, Gracie enjoyed the quick walk/run around the block!


I came home and caught up on Scandal while cooking dinner. This was the ultimate husband-is-at-work-I’m-on-my-own-for-dinner setup.

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Okay now for the good stuff!

DIY Backyard String Lights

Here are the materials that we got:

  • 3 boxes of these string lights from Target – on sale for $10/each
  • 2 1×2 pieces of wood – $4
  • 1 15/16 screw eyes – $3
  • 25 ft. outdoor extension cord – already owned
  • 1″ screws – already owned
  • Cordless drill – already owned

(Our) Total project cost: $37

DIY String Lights

Aaaaand here’s how we did it!

My inspiration came from this pin on Pinterest. As soon as I saw that, I had my mind set on some string lights for our deck. Like I said in my earlier post, we needed additional light in our backyard just as much as we wanted it!

I explained my “vision” to Kevin and he helped me make it come to life. Well, that and my chicken scratch on a notepad. 😉


We hit up Target and Home Depot for our supplies.


The first thing we did was screw in the eye screws to the top of each 1×2. I used a pair of pliers to open them slightly so the light cord would fit in there.


Then, Kevin screwed in the 1×2 to the back of our fence after we determined how high we wanted it.



After those two were in, we measured the center screw eye on the house side so it was directly in between these two posts. From there, we measured how far we wanted the screw eyes on either side. So on the house side, we had three screw eyes and on the opposite side, we had two screw eyes. Make sense? A little bit? If not, see: amateur drawing above. This picture may help make it clearer.


After we had the poles and screw eyes in, we measured our string lights to make sure it would work out perfectly. Turns out, it did. We got super lucky with our measurements and the shape of our deck, but I’d highly, HIGHLY, recommend measuring 2-3 times before starting this project. We ended up wrapping the extra string lights across the side of the house and ended it right where out outlet was. Again, worked out pretty perfectly!

Here are some more process shots:



And here’s the final product!





Now I need to paint the wood to match the deck and get some additional furniture/decorations out there and we’ll be done!


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