DIY Derby Hat

I promised a tutorial on my DIY Derby Hat so here I am (two months later) with it!

Step one

Buy a hat. Obviously. I found this hat at Marshall’s for $12.99. I originally wanted a big hat because I loved the look of it. Turns out, a big hat was clutch for protecting my face from the sun!


Step two

Get all of your other supplies. Once I had my dress picked out, I went to Michaels to get fake flowers. I also picked up some tulle because I wanted to make a big bow.


Step three

I started by creating a big bow with the tulle. I cut the tulle into long strips and wrapped it around the hat twice. Then, I just did a simple bow and hot glued it in the middle to keep it in place.


Step four

I cut all the flowers off their stem and started with the biggest flower. I placed it where the middle of the bow was to keep everything centered. Once I had the big flower in place, I worked outward to place the rest of the flowers.


Step five

I finished by adding greenery all along the outside of the big flowers. Then, I hot glued ALL OF IT EVERYWHERE. I probably used four or five sticks of hot glue all together, but it worked because it all stayed in place for the Derby!


I was really pleased with how my first Derby hat turned out. I love the look of fascinators, too, but after experiencing my first Derby, I think I’ll stick with big hats for the sole reason of the sun protection. I’m telling you, it was clutch!


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