DYI headboard


So Kev and I had a little change of plans with furniture. We were going to bring my bed set, but now we are bringing his. However, we are still going to use my bed (it is the best, no argument there) but his bed set headboard (a full) doesn’t fit my queen-size bed.

Solution? DYI headboard! You make it out of plywood, 8 inch squares of fabric and a staple gun.

I can’t wait to get started on this new project! Have you ever done a DYI project like this? How did it turn out?

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4 thoughts on “DYI headboard

  1. That is so cute! Good luck! They used to do projects like that on Trading Spaces all the time! You better post a picture of it when you’re done or (I’ll visit you in Des Moines).

    • Thanks, Rachel! I won’t be using those colors…more blues than bright orange and pink. I hope it turns out! I will post pictures and hopefully you come visit!

  2. You should put some foam or cotton batting down between the plywood and fabric. Not only will it be comfier but it will look super lush!

    • Good idea, Hanna! I think the magazine said to put batting down – must have missed that little part. I haven’t started yet – that will be my project this week. I’ll post pictures of how it goes!

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