Early Birthday Celebration

I’ve been a little MIA, but work has been keeping us pretty busy lately. Regardless, I wanted to pop in and blog about something other than running for once (cue the cheers).

I turn 26 (wahhhh) on Thursday, but because I’m turning 26 and not 22, I had to celebrate appropriately on a Saturday night since this old gal wouldn’t be able to survive a hangover on a weekday. (Also Kevin works on my birthday and the weekend after so it just worked out to celebrate this past weekend.)

We started our Saturday off attempting to run nine miles (more on that later since I promised you this wouldn’t be about running). Long story short, we ended up at Against the Grain brewery indulging in our favorite nachos and IPAs. Maybe that tells you how our (my) run went.



After lunch, we came home and did what any other 26-year-old would do before a night of drinking…we napped.

Then we headed to El Camino for drinks and dinner, where we got this ridiculously large cocktail to split. Because normal-sized cocktails are for youngins.



After dinner, we walked to Holy Grale and sat upstairs in their super quaint choir loft for some beers. HOLY Grale, that place is good. Actually, I’m officially declaring it my favorite place to drink in Louisville.

More shenanigans took place, but this is the only other pictures I have from that night. I wish I took more, but at the same time, I’m glad there’s no proof that Danny and I may or may not have split a 20-piece chicken nugget order at 3 a.m.


Cheers to 26! (in two days)

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2 thoughts on “Early Birthday Celebration

    • It is SERIOUSLY the best! I think we’re actually heading to our favorite Mexican restaurant on Thursday night ON my actual birthday. I’m not complaining! 🙂

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