Easter Cake Pops

*Giveaway update: the winners are Jessica and Kelsie (and the entire Kappa floor) (because I can’t send cake pops to Spain)! Sorry, Alison! :)*

I’m sorry to report, but you are not looking at the newest Mega Millions winner. Actually, nobody won this time so I still have hope! Maybe next week, right? 🙂 (I promise I won’t become addicting to gambling…I actually dislike it very much and it was very uncharacteristic of me to buy a ticket last week.)

These shoes may just have to wait until April after all!

Cake Pops

I’m sure you have all heard of cake pops before, but I still want to share how I made them! I actually heard of cake pops before Starbucks starting serving them because one of my friends from Weber Shandwick makes killer cake pops and brought them into the office frequently (thanks for the tips, Niky!).

I made cake pops for the first time a few months ago and they tasted great, but looked like crap. One thing you should know about making cake pops, is that the process is very long and I’m not a patient person, so by the time it came to decorating, I just wanted to be done. Ya feel me on that one?!

Let’s start with the ingredients:

  • Cake mix (I used a Hy-Vee white cake mix this time)
  • 1/3 can of frosting
  • Candy melts (I used pink and yellow for easter)
  • Cookie/popsicle sticks
  • Foam box

First, make the cake according to the directions on the back of the box.

Let the cake cool completely (I let mine cool overnight) and crumble into pieces using a fork. Mix 1/3 of the can of icing with the cake crumbles. Roll into balls.

Melt the candy melts using a double boiler (you can also microwave if you want) until it is smooth.

Next, dip each stick into the candy melts and put the sticks in the balls (that’s what she said 🙂 yes, I’m in fact 12-years-old). Refrigerate for a few more hours.

I waited about three hours before I began dipping the balls in the candy melts. I am not a pro by any means, but the “technique” I use is just a simple “dip and swipe” method. Don’t forget to let the excess shake off!




I’m no pastry chef, but I think they turned out pretty cute!


I have 30+ cake pops sitting on my kitchen table right now and I have been eating them non stop. Want some? I’m serious – I’ll mail some out! Just leave a comment below and I’ll pick two people to ship a few cake pops to! They’re really gooooooood. 😉 You can even lie and tell your family/boyfriend/husband/girlfriend/wife/friends/coworkers you made them yourself! I won’t tell anyone.

Gracie wanted in on them, but no dice.


She did, however, get a treat earlier this afternoon!


Kev and I exercise her all the time, so when the doc said no exercise for 10 days after surgery, we knew we’d be in some trouble. Upon looking at the directions the vet sent home with us, she said “no running” but she didn’t say anything about walking! We decided to be risky and enjoy the 70 degree weather and take her on a walk to Dairy Queen. Yes, it was far, but she did fine and it was completely worth it.


She got her very first taste of “human food” and she LOVED it!



What can we say, we’re suckers for that adorable face!



And I’m out to enjoy the rest of this beautiful Saturday evening with my little family!


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6 thoughts on “Easter Cake Pops

  1. Those cake pops look amazing! Too bad Spain is too far away to send them because I haven’t had a dessert that delicious since… I left the U.S. Maybe I will introduce Spain to cake pops and make my own!

  2. I was thinking of doing cake pops for my wedding cake! I would LOVE to try yours – I’ve never actually had them, just saw some cute ideas for wedding cake pop cakes on Pinterest. They don’t seem that bad to make – I make oreo balls which are about the same process.

    • I used to work for WS in St. Louis, MO! I interned there right out of college, but when I moved to Des Moines I found a new job. I LOVED working there, though!

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