Easy DIY Headboard

First of all: LOOKIE!!

DIY headboard

Shove it, homeownership! That’s TWO projects in a row now that have gone smoothly without a total disaster. And it feeeels nice. More on that in a bit, though!

We had another great weekend in the books, full of some crazy weather. We were thawing out on Friday, BBQing outside on Saturday and shoveling our driveway today thanks to Sunday’s snowfall. It’s madness! No wonder I woke up with a cold/sinus infection-thingy (that’s a technical term, dontchaknow).

Check out some of these awesome picture Kevin took – I’m impressed!



Gracie absolutely loves winter. She always wants to be out in the snow and loves when we throw snowballs or kick up snow at her. She’s hilarious.

Snowy golden retriever

She’s under there somewhere!


Okay, NOW to the good stuff! We kicked off our Saturday by visiting Hancock Fabric and Home Depot to get materials for our DIY headboard!  There are a million tutorials out there so I won’t go into a lot of detail, but I will briefly explain what worked for us.

Here are the materials we got (note: these are the measurements that fit our king)

  • 1/4″ thick plywood cut down to 36″ tall x 74-1/4″ wide – used a Home Depot gift card
  • Two 2×4 cut down to 57″ tall – leftover from this project
  • 2.5 yards of fabric – $31 (we scored this 50% off)
  • Full-size quilt batting – $13
  • 1/2″ thick foam – $24
  • Spray adhesive – $4
  • Staple gun – used a Home Depot gift card
  • Cordless Drill – already owned

(Our) Total cost of project: $72

We wandered around Hancock Fabric for a bit before we saw THE one. We wanted a darker neutral that would match the stitching in our duvet set. I brought a pillow case with us to match and it was almost 100% perfect, and because it was 50% off, we grabbed 2.5 yards as quickly as we could!

DIY headboard

Woot woot for sales! You can see the color of the fabric best in this picture. It was really hard to get an accurate picture once it was all complete and in our bedroom.

DIY headboard

Next, we headed to Home Depot. It’s pretty much a regular spot for us on Saturday afternoons these days. And I can’t go in without snatching some popcorn.

DIY headboard

Once we got the plywood home, we laid down some tarps in our garage and cut the foam. We used a regular ole spray adhesive from Michaels, but it didn’t work too well. It doesn’t matter much because the quilt batting and fabric will keep the foam in place. Try your best to get it as smooth as possible (aka – don’t settle for what this picture shows.)

DIY headboard

Now here’s where we had a little mess up. We were supposed to attach the two 2×4 legs before gluing the foam to the plywood, but we went so far as putting the batting on the plywood before we realized that. So ignore our pictures here and imagine there are two legs attached to the plywood. Now that you’re imagining legs, the below picture shows how we stapled the batting to the plywood. Make sure to pull it tight at all times (but not too tight or else it will tear…ahem, Kevin!).

DIY headboard

See, I told ya we’d have legs. 🙂 We cut our legs to 57″ because that’s what we measured for the height we needed for our bed.

We used two layers of batting to make sure it was extra smooth before covering it with our fabric.

DIY headboard

Assembly made our room a bit of a disaster but it was a good excuse to vacuum under our bed. Because I mean, how often does that happen?!

DIY headboard

Our bed frame is metal and had a perfect spot for us to drill into the 2×4 to make the headboard nice and sturdy. Pretty soon, we had a headboard!

DIY headboard



DIY headboard

DIY headboard

Master bedroom makeover step one: complete. Now to finishing decorating.

We were pretty proud of ourselves and celebrated with a couple cold ones out on the deck…because it was SIXTY ONE DEGREES here on Saturday!

We picked up our rummy game where we left off and I’m pretty sure I’m winning now. 🙂 (That’s a lie, it’s guaranteed that I’m losing.)

cards on the deck

Kevin busted out his new headlamp light that I got him for Christmas for BBQing. Our light on the deck is terrible and this little guy is a lifesaver.

bbq light

Burn baby, burn!


And here is our final masterpiece: burgers, grilled zucchini, roasted sweet potato fries and a salad. And beer, of course!


This post was already all over the place so I’ll come back tomorrow with our Super Bowl eats AND a giveaway!

(PS for those asking about our nightstand – I’ll post about those in a bit. That was another DIY project.)


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