Egg and Cheese Melty Deliciousness

Hi there! Long time no blog. My bad.

Last weekend was great fun. Kevin and I rooted on the Cardinals to their World Series berth and we even threw a date night into the weekend fun! Saturday morning I got up bright and early to take a BodyPump class at the gym. We haven’t been to the gym in forever because it has been so nice outside. It’s starting to get cold and I missed the class dearly (joking). After my class, I came home and made the best breakfast EVER. A mimosa would be the only thing that could have made it better. (Thinking back, why didn’t I do that?)

It’s called an Egg and Cheese Melty. My best friend, Laura and I used to make these every weekend in high school. I’d spend the night at her house and we’d wake up and chow down. So delicious! I haven’t had one in years and this really made me take a trip down memory lane.

First, I started by cracking one egg and one egg white. I buttered the pan and let it hang out for a minute or two, then flipped it –

I buttered two pieces of bread –

I layered everything up by putting one slice of bread at the bottom, then a slice of cheese, then the egg, then another slice of cheese. See how it’s coming together? –

How good does this look? It’s like a grilled cheese with egg. Or, a breakfast sandwich on toast instead of a muffin or bagel. Whatever you want to call it, it’s wonderful.

On a side note, look at my pretty kitchen window! I’m not a huge fan of my kitchen or our tiny apartment, but I love having a window in the kitchen (excuse the brick wall) –

Note my Cardinals shot glass. Love –

Kevin worked Saturday morning so I was excited when he came home from work and asked if I wanted to try this pizza place in the area. We I got semi-dressed up and the pizza was great! We rented The Social Network, because Kevin hadn’t seen it yet, and enjoyed a relaxing evening at home. It was perfect.

Yesterday, Kevin and I celebrated four years of being together. We’re not the most romantic or sentimental people in the world, but we tried to recognize the day as something special. I got very creative with my gift, obviously –

He, however, did much better! 🙂 Happy girl –

I’m not so bad after all, my “real” present was making a special dinner including his favorite food. Salmon! To be honest, I didn’t follow a recipe. I threw a little of this here and there to make the marinade and sauce. It turned out great! I’ll try to remember everything I did and post it soon. (Sorry about the crappy Blackberry photograph – Where’s my iPhone?!) –

Nerd alert: I got a library card. I’m so excited! I went to the library again today to grab some cookbooks/home solutions books. Since my latest obsession is Pinterest, I figured this would give me plenty of ideas to pin! My collection –

Off to watch the CARDINALS play! Woo hoo! 11 in 11, go red bird!

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