Europe // Germany Part II

Day three in Europe! If you missed days one and two, click here.

We woke up, in my opinion, way too early after going out with Felix and Jennie and staying up way too late the night before, but we caught Felix’s field hockey game before going west to Rüdesheim along the Rhein River.

Let me just say that I don’t understand any rule in field hockey but my back hurt just watching them bend over.

Rüdesheim is an adorable small town in the heart of German wine country, set along the beautiful Rhine River. It reminds me of what Hermann, Missouri tries to look like (good try, MO), but 1000% better.

We arrived and took the cable car up to see the Niederwald Monument. The ride up was chilly but it was worth it for the views!

This monument commemorates Germany’s unification and it’s really neat to see up close.

After some photos, we hiked to the other side and took the cable car down. I mean… look at this view!

There are a few different castles along the Rhine River (none of which I know anything about) but I just kept thinking Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones, Game of Thrones.

Once we got to the bottom of the mountain/hill, the four of us popped inside Berg’s to eat lunch. Here is where we had the very best wine of the entire vacation – not kidding. Better than Italy! The Riesling grape comes from the Rhine River area and I don’t even like Riesling that much, but this wine was so fresh and crisp. I can’t even describe how good it was.

For lunch, Kevin and I split schnitzel – he got fries, I got potatoes – but somehow I forgot to take a picture of it!

From there, we wandered around the cute little town and popped into a couple different shops while we waited for our boat ride back to our car.

Uli and Gaby said this town is SO crowded in the summer months and during Christmas. They said to imagine these small walkways packed wall-to-wall with people, but we almost had it all to ourselves!

Oh yeah, before the boat ride we stopped into a bar for another glass of wine. Unfortunately I don’t remember the name of it, but there were little patios like this all over!

Don’t ask me why my hair looks red in this picture. I don’t know the answer to that question, but I swear I am not a redhead.

We spent all day down in Rüdesheim, but got to and from reeeeal fast thanks to the autobahn. I believe we got up to 160 mph (had to do the math since they’re on the metric system). But, Uli’s car was so smooth it didn’t feel like we were going that fast at all.

We were all laughing later that night, once we got back “home,” because they were going to order pizza for all of us. They kept asking what we wanted on our pizza and Kevin and I said we weren’t picky about 100 times. Finally I was like “I just don’t like olives” and they were like “okay so you want everything?” We quickly realized that pizza in Europe is made for one person – not for sharing. So, I ended up with a cheese pizza haha.

Uli’s best friend, and neighbor, Dieter joined us for dinner, wine, “schnapps for pops,” gin and tonics and amaro *to get us prepped for Italy). We, once again, stayed up way too late but it was our last night in Germany and who knows the next time we’ll see this German family of mine that I love so much!

The next day, Gaby took us to the Frankfurt train station where we caught our first train and headed south to Salzburg, Austria. More to come!

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