Europe // Italy Part I (Venice)

Italy was the last country on our Europe trip. We previously went to Germany (recaps here and here) and Austria (recaps here and here). 

We left off surviving the night train from Salzburg to Venice and despite the lack of sleep, we were excited to be in Italy! When planning this trip, Kevin said Italy was his top destination (mine was Germany), so we decided to hit four cities in eight days.

Our train got into Venice at 8:30 a.m. and we immediately dropped our bags off at the luggage drop within the train station for five or so euros (I can’t remember the exact amount) per suitcase.

Then, we caught Venice’s form of public transportation – a boat – to the main district, San Marco.

Venice is simply amazing. There are no cars, obviously, so everything is transported via boat. Kegs on a boat!

The ride was pretty cheap (maybe two euro a person?) and about 20 minutes, but it felt like a tour of all the districts as we passed by each. Highly recommend just using public transportation over a water taxi or gondola.

Once we got into the San Marco area, we popped into a little cafe for breakfast. Cappuccino and pastries!

We were only in Venice for the afternoon, and it rained the entire time we were there, so we didn’t do many touristy things. We basically just walked around and got lost in the streets – the best way to see Venice, in my opinion!

We made our way to Harry’s Bar, the birthplace of the bellini! This bar has been open since 1931 and was a favorite of Earnest Hemingway. I’ll warn you this place is not cheap, but it was fun to sip on the bellini, where it was created.

We kept getting more and more lost, but every turn was picturesque. I mean, someone lives here!

We found a little bar/cafe for lunch and grabbed a couple slices of pizza and a glass of wine. The pizza here doesn’t look very good, but it was delicious.

And gelato! Out of all the things I couldn’t wait to see/do in Italy, gelato was near the top. We got some twice each day, usually once after lunch and once after dinner.

Kevin always got some sort of fruit flavor, like berries or mixed fruit…

Meanwhile, pistachio was my flavor of choice. Obsessed. 

We left Venice around 3 p.m. to head over to Florence via train. We really didn’t give ourselves much time to truly explore Venice but I am honestly not sure what else we would have done – walk around, take a water taxi, saw the sites/culture, ate pizza, drank bellinis and got gelato.

Florence up next!

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