Family Fun!

My family came in town this past weekend! It was SO good to see them again! When I decided to move to Des Moines, I knew that leaving my family would be the hardest thing I’d ever do. I hadn’t seen them since our trip to St. Louis and it was so nice being around them the whole weekend!

When they got in town Saturday, we lounged around for a couple hours and played with Gracie. They’d seen her in pictures, but this was the first time they got to meet her. They couldn’t put her down! (Who can blame them!?)

After we got our Gracie fix, we went out to Mi Mexico for margaritas and dinner! Then, we went to the Buccaneers hockey game! The Bucs are a local USHL team and even though they lost, there was a wicked fight at the end of the game which made up for the L. (This is why you NEVER leave a hockey game early…EVER!)

We played Chuck a Puck, but we all lost. Oh well!

We did nothing but eat awesome food on Sunday. We had pancakes and “cowboy eggs” for breakfast. Cowboy eggs are a Bladdick tradition – I’ll post the recipe soon!

My dad made his finger-lickin-good chicken wings, but I sadly didn’t take any pictures. I’m still in that “my-phone-doesn’t-have-any-scratches-or-dirt-marks-on-it-so-I-don’t-use-it-while-I-eat-chicken-wings” phase. I’ll take them next time we cook ’em! They’re SO good, though. Believe me.

While my family was here, we discovered my younger brother’s hidden secret. He is a dog whisperer. Not. even. kidding! Gracie is pretty much potty-trained (she sits by the door when she has to go out!) and she knows how to sit very well, but that’s about it. We have been trying to get her to lay down and get down off people by using a clicker. Brendan spent 10 minutes with Gracie and she now knows how to shake. It’s amazing!! He trained our family’s dog, Nala with a clicker when she was a puppy – I forgot how good he is. Need a dog trainer? Call him up, he’d take the gig!

Thirty Days of Thanks

When I tell you that my life/work has been hectic, I’m not kidding or using that as an excuse. I’ve been slacking on my Thirty Days of Thanks photoblog, but I have more updates today! Last time I posted, I did days 1-4. Since I don’t want to make my post ridiculously long, I’ll post days 5-9 today and catch up later this week.

Day 5 – Morning Sky. I get to work at 7:30 in the morning and the sky is just beautiful at that time.

Day 6 – Books. (Warning – I’m cheating on this post – this picture is old.) My favorite thing about move-in weekend was watching Kevin, Brendan and my dad put together our Ikea furniture. I bought a bookshelf at Ikea (that damn bookshelf), and the funny thing is – I don’t really read. I mean, I read all the Harry Potter books, but I didn’t really enjoy reading required books in high school (except for The Great Gatsby) and college books sucked all around. It was pretty ironic putting together the bookshelf for two people who don’t even like reading very much. (Please ignore that ugly paisley couch. It was my grandma’s – we have since bought a slipcover!)

Victory is Ours!

Day 7 – Something Funny. Ok, obviously I find a lot of things funny. I’m easily amused. I saw Horrible Bosses in the theater and Kev literally had to “shush” me because he said I was ’embarrassing’ him because I was laughing so hard. I think a lot of things are funny, so this one was hard to choose. Going along with the family/Gracie theme, I picked the photo of Gracie biting my brother’s head yesterday morning because she was trying to wake him up. Brendan is the heaviest sleeper (ever!) and he hardly budged. Obviously, we stopped Gracie because we’re trying to get her to stop teething on things besides her toys, but I let her bite long enough to snap a picture (bad dog mom? Nahh..)

Laughing is such a fun part of life. Laugh often and be thankful for funny things. Hell, even laugh at yourself – it’s good for you.

Taking a breather in between bites

Gracie laying on Brendan after she tried to wake him up

Day 8 – Favorite color. If anybody knows me, they know I am obsessed with the color navy. I even have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to all-things navy. I am thankful for my favorite color because it makes me so happy! I made our headboard via a DYI project I found in magazine. It was sort-of a pain in the rear, but it turned out great and I just love the colors!

Day 9 – Inspiring Person. Cheating again. No way I can pick one person. I am inspired by a lot of people, but since I have done a pretty good job of talking my family up this whole post, I might as well name them the most inspiring people for my Thirty Days of Thanks photoblog. I can’t just pick one of them – they all inspire me in so many different ways and I just love them so much!

Welp, that’s all for tonight. Dinner is almost ready (just left-overs) and I have a few projects I’m working on.

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