Family in Town

Before I blog about how awesome this weekend was, including the girls killing the boys at Euchre on Friday night, an epic round of Power Hour with our friends Peter and Ali via Skype on Saturday and total homeownership domination by completing shelves for our garage in two days, I suppose I should back things up a bit and talk about two weekends ago, as promised here.

We had Kevin’s mom, sister, aunt, uncle and two cousins come visit us! Kevin’s aunt, uncle and cousins wanted to see our new (NEW? Can you believe we’ve lived here for almost a year?!) house and we also exchanged gifts with Kevin’s mom and sister since we spent Christmas with my family this year.



When they all arrived Friday night, Kevin and I wanted to take them to a restaurant that we recently discovered and can’t get enough of. Brick House Tavern is a chain (I know – as much as I try to avoid them!), but it’s new to both of us. We have been there a handful of time with friends and it’s pretty darn delicious. Kevin’s mom and I decided to split their fish tacos since the portion sizes are enormous. Everything on the menu is great – we’d highly recommend it!


Gracie, as usual, wouldn’t leave Kevin’s cousin Kim’s side all night. The soon-to-be vet didn’t mind!


We planned on spending all weekend together but the Polar Vortex cut our weekend short. We made the most of our time we had together on Saturday and kicked things off with a great breakfast at home.


Kevin’s mom had us all play this game where we drew a Christmasy picture on a paper plate that we placed on our heads so we couldn’t see. I lost very badly.


Then it was time for presents! Gracie loves opening gifts, clearly. Kevin and I were super excited to receive a new weed eater and a zoom lense for our new camera. I also got a stability ball to sit on at work instead of my crappy old desk chair!


We spent part of the afternoon playing the infamous horse game, which I won but kevin lost but because you know, we’re in this whole marriage thing, we basically broke even. “What’s mine is yours” is crap! 😉


Before they headed out, we had a feast of a lunch including a ham, rolls, mac n cheese, green beans and potatoes. All the fixins!


Sadly, they all had to get on the road earlier than expected but we’re thankful everyone made it back home safely! Bengals playoff game recap coming up next!

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