February Favorites

Let’s pretend I’m writing this post in February and it’s not March 15, K? #worstblogger #ever

The Walking Dead



Can I just go ahead and blame my lack of blogging in February on The Walking Dead? I started it on Feb. 1 and by the beginning of March, I had watched six and a half seasons and was caught up with the rest of the world. The sad part? I’m not even ashamed. Every free moment I had? I watched an episode. An entire Saturday free? Don’t mind if I do watch seven episodes in a row. Yes, Netflix, I am still watching The Walking Dead.

Dammit that show is so good; I can’t believe I’m admitting it. I was so anti zombie because I’m a major scaredy cat, but as soon as I got invested in Rick, Carl, DERYL, etc., I couldn’t stop. The character dynamics and not being able to figure out what is going to happen next has me hooked.

This Hair Dryer



Ladies, go on and invest in this blow dryer stat. It literally takes me four minutes to blow dry my hair. While I don’t have long hair anymore, I have a lot of hair and with my old dryer, it would take 15-20 minutes to get dry. Not with this bad boy. No siree.

The Husband’s Secret



I’ve said it before but February straight up sucks. I luckily had The Walking Dead but in between episodes, I picked up The Husband’s Secret from the library. Two nights later, I was finished and it was well worth the binge read!

Leonardo DiCarprio! 


FINALLY my man Leo won his first Oscar. I counted down to Oscar Sunday and couldn’t wait to see him claim his prize. I stayed up til midnight to watch him accept it live and it was so worth it. <3 Leo!

I only have four favorites this month (instead of five) because February sucks and there’s not much to like about it, but March shall be better! And hey, I might even post my March favorites in March! 😉

(None of these items were sponsored, I just like them! Though, affiliate links used where appropriate.)

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