Feels Like Summertime

Around noon on Friday, Kevin, Gracie and I headed east and drove until we got to a wonderful city home of the Reds, delicious chili and Kevin’s family and friends!

On the road again!

I hate driving and Kev loves it, so when we go on trips together, he always drives. (Plus he’s weird and doesn’t like me driving his brand-new year-old car.) He also loves to listen and sing along to his music, so whenever I ask him a question or bring something up when a good song is on, he gives me these short one-word answers. Like I have to wait for the song to be over before we can talk or something. I make him sound terrible.

Through Iowa, Illinois and Indiana we went, and arrived in Cinci 10-hours-later.

Saturday morning, we got up early and helped his mom with some gardening and spent the day outside because it was beautiful. Then, we got his sister ready for prom and headed to Danny’s graduation party.

Ah to be young.

The weather here was SO perfect. It was warm and sunny, which made it feel like summer is near!

Happy graduation party/cinco de mayo, Danny!

The boys played basketball.

And got schwety.

Of course cornhole was played. We ARE in Ohio.

Me and the graduate.

We declared Sara the champion of the evening because she won both the cornhole AND euchre tournament.

(you can ignore kevin)

Today was spent going to church and bathing Gracie since she decided it would be fun to roll in poop in the backyard. Yeahhhh she’s in her crate right now thinking about what she did.

Later today, we’re watching the Blues game, going out to dinner to celebrate Alison’s graduation, hopefully meeting up with my friend Julia and seeing The Avengers with Danny and Sara! I better get my nap in now; I’m exhausted thinking about our busy evening.

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