First House Christmas Decorations Part II

The inside of our house was decorated right after Thanksgiving, but it took us a few extra days to get things in order outside to call that done!

We decided to go with white lights on our roof and colored lights with garland on our pole – I have no idea why, but we like the look of ’em. I also grabbed those two little mini trees on super sale from Target the Saturday after Black Friday. We stuck an old chair from our basement on our porch to make it a little more homey. The white reindeer (who are no longer in compromising positions after the shenanigans from the other night, ‘ahem!) were from Kevin’s mom. I love it all!






Gracie likes to bark and growl at these guys.


This wreath from Michaels caught my eye the Saturday after Black Friday and I had a 40% off coupon, plus 25% off, so I grabbed it – love!


When I showed our tree in this earlier post, I forgot to post pictures of it in color! We still can’t decide what we like best, but we’ve been setting it to the color lights a lot lately. I can’t get over how much I love our tree. It fits the room and feels so homey with original and family ornaments.


Putting up Christmas decorations is no joke! Our house was a disaster during the process. Good thing we had some wine, Christmas music and a nice fire to set the mood. I just love this time of year!


Pst! I spy presents. 🙂


Be honest. Do you put up Christmas lights outside? Frankly, we’re so disappointed with our neighborhood. I thought there would be WAY more decorated homes!

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4 thoughts on “First House Christmas Decorations Part II

  1. Your decorations look great!
    I live in an apartment building so no lights on the outside, but I have lights (and my tree) in my window (and a wreath on my interior door). There are some other apartments in my neighborhood that put lights/trees in their windows. It seems like my neighbors are a bit more festive this year than last year!

    • Thanks, Rachel!! I know the feeling about living in an apartment. It was so hard! I’m sure the lights around your window, your tree and wreath make it feel super homey and Christmasy!

  2. Very cute I loved decorating as well this year in my new home…if you ever want me to make a wreath or no people who may I’ve made so many late people have asked me too I’ve decided to start selling them!!!!! Have a merry Christmas and we will miss you guys!

    • Thanks, Katie! Merry Christmas to you guys too – we’ll miss you! We’ll need to figure out a time where we can all get together soon!

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