Friday Five

Say it with me now – “Weeee maaaaadddeeee iiiittttt!!!” I didn’t think Friday would ever come this week, but it has finally arrived! Whew!

1. Per this post, ye here good ole’ blog got some refreshing over the past few weeks. It’s still a work in progress and when I’m not crashing the darn thing, hopefully the rest of the changes that I have planned go smoothly. You may notice a few new things including a new “theme” (general look/feel of the blog), new header, new side photo (another drinking one, of course) and a new “about me” page.

2. With a new look and feel comes a Facebook page made JUST for Head over and Like it here: Thank you in advance! 🙂

3. HOLY. SCANDAL! Does anybody watch that show? If not, you need to start ASAP because it is SO great. After Breaking Bad (R.I.P.) and our wedding, I needed a new show to get addicted to so I hopped on the trusty ole Netflix and found Scandal’s seasons 1-2. Embarrassingly, it only took me like two weeks to get caught up and now I can’t even handle Thursday nights.

4. I am having some serious internal battles over Christmas decorations this year. When we lived in our apartment in Des Moines, we had a dinky little tree and hand-me-down decorations (which totally worked at the time!). I hate buying anything at full-price so it kills me to look at all the Christmas decor and not purchase anything until after Christmas when everything is 75-90% off. However, at the same time, we didn’t have ANY decorations last year because all of our stuff was in storage AND it’s our first married Christmas AND our first Christmas in our house, so I feel like that may justify splurging a little to decorate. Haaaaalp!

5. And lastly, because its’ Friday, I’ll leave you with the best. image. ever.


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