Five Years Ago Today

Hello from San Antonio, TX! What a crazy past 24 hours but don’t worry – I’ll get you all up to speed!

It all started yesterday morning around 9 a.m. Kevin was working that morning and sent me a text that went a little something like this:

K – “Hey would you want to go storm chasing today if I left work a little early?!”

G – “Sure! We don’t have anything else to do!”

K – “REALLY? I mean, we would probably be back around midnight but you can sleep in the car on the way home because I know you have an early flight tomorrow.”

G – “Okay!”

It was 9 a.m. and we didn’t have anything on Sunday’s agenda so I thought it was a brilliant idea!

But now I sit in San Antonio with a little less than two hours of sleep wondering how I got talked into that.

Actually, I know how! It was five years ago today that I met Kev. Valparaiso University (where we graduated from) has a freshman orientation that occurs over the span of four or five different weekends. You pick which weekend you want to go to “Focus” and you meet other students, take placement exams, sign up for classes and get a real feel for the campus.

Each Focus is divided into different groups of probably about 12-15 people (just guessing here – I don’t really remember) and luck had it that Kev and I were put in the same group.

I remember playing the game Two Truths and One Lie as an ice breaker and I vividly remember his three. His two truths were that he won three state soccer championships and almost died when he was born. His lie was that he had never been out of the country.

I thought he was pretty cute and he looked like a soccer player to me (even had a St. X soccer shirt on!), but I figured the whole soccer championship was a lie because, I mean, who wins three state championships?! Well, I was wrong. Kev had never been out of the country (still hasn’t), but I remember learning all of that new stuff about him like it was yesterday.

Apparently he tried to tell me something because one of my truths was that I almost died when I was born also, but I guess I ignored him. Sorry! Clearly it didn’t hurt my chances of getting him to like me very much. 🙂

I like to say the rest is history, but I feel like we went through a lot of learning, growing and life changes throughout our five years of knowing each other. When we met, we were young, excited college hopefuls and now we’re in the 20-somethings category starting our first jobs and taking real ownership of our lives.

When I met Kevin, I knew he had a real passion for meteorology and storms. I could, and still can, see the passion in his eyes and heart so when he asked me yesterday if I would go with him, I couldn’t say no.

Look at that face. So serious.

I have different passions – like trying new foods, discovering new wines and sitting by the pool and he does all of those things with me and trust me, it’s not as easy as it looks. He’s not the most adventurous eater to begin with and he burns like no other at the pool, but he does it all for me.

So to celebrate knowing Kevin for five years (because I love making up reasons to “celebrate” things), I decided to take HIM out on a date. Why’s it always gotta be the guy anyways? (Plus I had a gift card…) 🙂

We went to Cosi Cucina, a local Italian restaurant and we were both very impressed! We kicked things off with a nice glass of wine and some bread before our entrees came out.

Kevin ordered his usual shrimp fettuccine alfredo while I opted for something a little different for me – the tomato and garlic linguini with chicken. Mine was good, but I kept sneaking bites of Kevin’s because that cream sauce was oh-so good!

Kevin cleaned his plate! Usually, we always have leftovers but he licked it clean. That didn’t stop of from going to Orange Leaf for a little froyo action after dinner, though!

Red velvet, wedding cake and brownie batter for her (holy rich!) and vanilla and pineapple (?) for him.

We were toast, so we stopped by RedBox with every intention to watch the movie Moneyball, but our stupid DVD player is broken so that didn’t happen.

All-in-all, it was a fantastic date night and we’d both go back to Cosi Cucina again.

Since this post is already long enough, I’m going to come back later tonight and talk about storm chasing and San Antonio. Plus, when I go out to eat by myself on work trips, I like to blog because it makes me look important and less like a loser eating alone. 🙂

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