Football and Chili

Since moving to the state of Iowa, Kevin and I quickly realized how big college football is here. We, however, could care less about college football. Being from big cities, we are die-hard fans for our professional sport teams (remember when the Cardinals won the World Series last week? Yeah, me too). If I had to pick a college football team, I’d say I’m a Mizzou fan. Not going to lie, when I went to the Mizzou vs. Oklahoma game last year, it was one of the best nights of my life (and yes, I even rushed the field!). Kevin is a University of Cincinnati fan because he loves their basketball team, so he feels like he should like their football team too (I guess).

Going to college at Valpo didn’t help our fondness of college football. Valpo was recently ranked dead last in college football rankings. I think I’ve watched a grand total of 10 minutes worth of Valpo football and we were losing. We never watch college football, but we’re trying to force ourselves to like it with the LSU vs. Alabama game. We realize how big of a game it is, so we decided to make a big pot of chili and drink some beer to get us in the football spirit.

Tonight’s chili was absolutely delicious. I was really busy taking care of the pup and cooking dinner, so I didn’t take pictures of each step, but I promise you it was simple.

The ingredients I used: S&P, mixed chili spices, one can of tomato sauce, one can of kidney beans, one pound of ground beef (fat drained), hot sauce, red pepper flakes and some lime/lime zest.

Last week, Kevin surprised me with a bag full of spices from a spice shop in town. They are amazing and I couldn’t wait to use one of them in tonight’s dish. To start, I browned my ground beef with a bit of mixed chili spices.

Now this next ingredient is the absolute most important. Don’t forget it!

After the ground beef is cooked, I put it in a big pot with the tomato sauce and kidney beans. Then I season it up with some more spice, S&P, the juice of half a lime, lime zest, hot sauce and red pepper flakes. I bring it to a boil and let it simmer with a lid.

Cheddar cheese is a must when it comes to chili. So are crackers and sour cream.

The finished product!

Kevin has to work bright and early tomorrow morning, so we are staying in tonight with our chili and beer to watch “the game.” We decided to root for LSU, so go LSU! (To be honest, we’re watching more of the Blues game than this college football game…oh well, we tried!)

I also wanted to mention how excited I was to get my first Starbucks “red” cup of the season! It’s definitely getting me in the Christmas spirit!

And now for your viewing pleasure: another picture of Gracie!

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