Forecastle Festival 2016

Let’s back things up to mid-July when we attended our third Forecastle Festival in a row (previous recaps here and here). Just like years prior, I helped my good friend Holly work media, but this year I also volunteered at the Forecastle Foundation booth since I was on the board this year!

I left St. Louis for Louisville on the Thursday after work and booked it on 64 east towards where all of my favorites were. Four Roses, my client at my job in Louisville, was hosting a happy hour to kick off Forecastle weekend in partnership with the Foundation. Since I was on the board and love Four Roses so much, I really wanted to make it to this happy hour. So glad I did!


Friday I worked from home until it was time to head out to the Festival. I was so excited to see GroupLove and I’m glad the storm came and pushed back their set so I could make it. GroupLove live? DO IT. You’ll have no regrets.


Avett Brothers headlined Friday night but I’m not a super huge fan of theirs. I was more into Saturday’s lineup because…

Andrew McMahon! And yes, I really was this close. Because I was working that day, I was in and out of the photo pits. So instead of standing on the side, like I usually do during performances, I just went ahead and took a seat.


Holly’s Number One Rule of working Forecastle Festival is to not be a fan girl, or go up to artists and freak out. Normally, I’m able to do just that. Like when I ate lunch a table away from Shakey Graves’ Alejandro Rose-Garcia (who was, yes, The Swede, from FNL. Sidebar: that article is 100 percent wrong. Riggins is definitely the Hottest Friday Night Lights Star. I digress.)

Anyways! Hours after Andrew’s performance, he literally walked right by me out in the open (not backstage or anything!)… I just had to say hi. In fact, I didn’t even notice him. I was mid-bite of my dinner and Kevin says to me, “Uh, babe, isn’t that Andrew McMahon?” Yup, sure was! He, once again, was as friendly as could be.


The rest of Saturday was amazing with Alabama Shakes closing out the night. Brittany Howard is so awesome. Girl can SING.


Sunday we were back at it!


I worked in the Foundation booth and we caught a few other legit bands, like Big Gigantic. Guys know how to put on a show.


Pretty soon, before we knew it, our third Forecastle Festival weekend was coming to an end.



Death Cab for Cutie and Ryan Adams closed out the weekend on a high note. Both were top notch performances that I want to relive over and over again.


By the time we got home on Sunday night, I was wiped. Feet? Hurt. Voice? Gone. Body? Killed. Despite for one LONG Monday (and Tuesday and Wednesday, let’s be honest), it was so worth it.


See you next July, Forecastle! 

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