Four Months

He (oh so unfortunately) roots for the Reds. I root for the Cardinals.

He likes small towns. I’d live in NYC in a heartbeat.

He likes Lil Wayne. I do not.

He likes snakes. I can hardly type the word sna… without having to put my feet up and shiver in fear.

He likes scary movies. I can’t sleep for a week after seeing one.


But despite any and all differences, we somehow, six years ago yesterday, were put together in the same student orientation group and something wonderful happened.

And in four months from today, we’ll be making a lifelong commitment to each other, which means I either must somehow learn to conquer my fear of snakes and scary movies, or Kev must learn to visit the reptile house alone. All joking aside, I cannot WAIT for our wedding, but more importantly what’s going to come after that.

Fun fact: we moved into our house exactly four months ago today, on Feb. 19. We get married four months from today on Oct. 19. My parent’s anniversary is on March 19. (My brother’s favorite number is 19?) The number 19 is a good number, dontchaknow.

(After I drafted this post last night, I saw Pioneer Woman did something similar this morning. Just proves that Ree and I were just meant to be BFFs.)



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