Friday Five

1. After work, Sara and I are headed up to Cincinnati for the weekend for a bunch of different things, including…


2. Celebrating this lady’s second to last weekend as a single chick!


3. While I am so terribly excited fall because it is truly the best season EVER, it sorta freaks me out that fall is already close! When we got engaged last June, October of 2013 seemed so far away. Now it’s almost here!


4. I took my car in for a oil change this morning, and because I’m a young chick, there are a million things wrong with my car, apparently. Of course! I told them that I just needed an oil change, kthanksbye.


5. Football started last night! I love the start of NFL (not college football) because it reminds me so much of fall, sending time with family, beer and chili. I am a little bummed, however, because Kevin’s attention has now fully diverted away from Breaking Bad, and we still have a whole season to go to catch up!




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