Friday Five


1. Kevin and I have been spending our evenings outside taking pictures with our new (read: amazing, non-iPhone) camera. We’re trying to learn all that it is capable of, so sometimes that means taking pictures of Bud Light cans (but seriously, look at the clarity of the can and the blurred background. I was proud of myself for that one).

Beer Food pictures are about to get a whole lot better up in here. Except buffalo chicken pizza is sorta hard to make look good.

Food Gracie’s been our favorite model, by far. Such a pretty girl.

Grace Here are some pictures of her in action with her ball and frisbee.

Grace2 Grace3 Grace4 And here’s the last one (for now) – a shot of the sun peeking through all of the great trees in our backyard.Nature2. Speaking of great trees in our backyard, I cannot wait for them to start changing colors. FALL IS THE BEST SEASON EVER.

3. This weekend is our first weekend at home in 5 weekends. I cannot waaaaaait to sleep in tomorrow and enjoy my coffee on our deck.

4. Not only are we less than a month away from our wedding, but we’re SO CLOSE to our honeymoon/vacation-time and it is so desperately needed!

5. Is it too early to listen to Christmas music? This is a serious question.

Have a good weekend!


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