Friday Five

1. One week from today, we’ll be at our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner! We’re so freaking excited we can hardly stand it!

2. Our groomsman, George, gave us a tent as our wedding gift and if we weren’t throwing a party for all of our family and friends next weekend, you bet Kev, Grace and I would be camping this weekend. The weather is B-E-A-utiful!

IMG_43253. Speaking of weather…nobody tell Kevin (who is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service) that I secretly looked at’s 10-day forecast today to see what the weather would be like on our wedding day. I couldn’t resist! Now I’ll probably pay for that when the weather is exactly opposite of what forecasted.

4. Much like last weekend, we don’t have a whole lot of big plans. I have roughly 17 packing lists going, so I plan on doing laundry and getting a lot of our bags packed for things like our honeymoon (HONEYMOON!!!).


One last thing: can I get an AMEN that it’s finally Friday? What. a. week.


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