Friday Five

Whew, what a week! Can I get an ‘AMEN’ that it’s Friday?

Kevin is off ALL weekend (this. never. happens.) and we’re super pumped. Our only big plan for the weekend is to finish putting up our Christmas Decorations outside. Otherwise, it’ll be a nice go-with-the-flow weekend. Can’t complain about that!

1. Operation master bedroom makeover is underway!

When we first bought our house, we painted everything, made screens, bought some furniture, put up bar shelves, made curtains and put in a brand new sliding back door. Since then, we have taken a break on big projects, working on small things here and there. Our bedroom has been seriously neglected and this week, we began to make some changes in there – starting with painting two nightstands. They look amazing! Up next: make headboard, buy/make new curtains, buy bed quilt/throw, buy throw pillows, buy rug (?), buy full-length mirror. Whew! Slowly but surely, it’s coming together.

photo (1)

2. Kevin being off all weekend = acting like normal 24/25-year-olds. This includes going to an ugly sweater bar crawl on Saturday. It’s going to be an amazing time.

ugly sweater


3. One of the compromises we made when deciding on a real tree vs. fake tree was that if we got a fake tree to use for the first few years of our marriage, I was allowed to buy some good-smelling Christmasy candles to make up from the missing pine smell you get from a real tree. I like this compromise so far!

photo (4)

4. I. need. a. new. phone. I smashed my iPhone 4S in the trunk of our rental car when we were in Napa Valley/San Francisco this past SEPTEMBER. I’ve gotten away with having a cracked phone by using packing tape to prevent bleeding thumbs, but it’s getting past the point of being able to handle this. I can’t see what I’m typing because the cracks have gotten so bad! Needless to say, I’m begging Kevin to head to Verizon this afternoon and get it sorted out. My volume button also doesn’t work…so there’s that.

photo (2)

5. This week, I started the dreaded process of officially changing my last name. I’m so thankful to have had the best MOH ever, who emailed me a nice checklist of things to do. When I headed to the SS office earlier this week, I felt like I was fleeing the country with all of my official documents.

photo (3)

Have an amazing weekend!

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4 thoughts on “Friday Five

  1. Gabby, they sell little ornament sticks that smell like a fresh pine tree! I got mine at target. Had to buy them when we got our fake tree this year as well. You just add a few new sticks every couple of weeks and your house will always smell like a Christmas tree!

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