Friday Five

Can I get an AMEN that it’s Friday? I know I say it every week but goodness gracious, I am living out the definition of “working for the weekend.” Perhaps this is why:

1. Forbes recently reported that a PR Executive (what. I. do. for. a. living.) has the 5th most stressful job. I’m surprised I haven’t spotted any grey hair.

2. Kevin’s family came down to Louisville last weekend to visit. We also exchanged gifts with Kevin’s mom and sister while they were here. More on that later!


3. Kev and I froze our behinds off at the Bengals game on Sunday. Sadly they lost, but we had a blast regardless! Also, more on that later!


4. I went shopping the day after Christmas and found some pretty great sales – including 50 percent off everything at Express! I will be the first to admit I lack style, but I was pretty proud of picking out this little number.


5. What are YOUR plans this weekend? I’m heading out tonight to look at bridesmaid dresses for my friend Sara’s wedding coming up this August. Kevin’s off (!) so we’re going to take down our Christmas decorations, build some shelves and go to power hour Skype with our friend Peter, because that’s just what you do when your friend lives in Oregon.


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