Friday Five (wedding edition)

1. My friend Julia gets married TOMORROW! Kevin and I are driving up to Ann Arbor in the morning for their wedding and I cannooooooot wait!

2. My wedding dreams are really starting to get old. Two nights ago, I had an amazing wedding dream, where everything was perfect. Last night, however, my dream was that my little brother was in the ER with the flu and because he was poisoned by Tylenol (wtf??) and I forgot my wedding dress in Louisville (even though in real life, it’s already in STL). So I got married in the Emergency Room, in jeans at 8 p.m., instead of 2 p.m. Showed up 6 hours late to my own wedding – how nice! At least the guests in my dream were very understanding, and it was somehow still fun.

3. I’m currently working on the most tedious wedding craft ever right now for our guestbook. I’m beginning to regret that idea. Tying, tying and more tying of knots.

4. Last night, I just so happened to pop in the episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler prepared for their wedding (some of my favorite episodes). “Four weeks, baby! FOUR WEEKS!”

5. RSVPs are due today – I can’t believe we’re already at this point! It’s getting real! 🙂

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