Friday Five

Some of my favorite bloggers (ahem, okay mainly Tess) do a weekly post on Fridays about five random happenings. I like it. It’s a good idea. So here we go.

1. Today was my last Summer Friday (half day) of the year. The first Friday back in the office for normal hours is literally the worst day of the entire work year. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it.

Meg Ryan Crying

2. This article, titled “The GQ Guide to Naming Your Baby” is quite possibly the best article I’ve ever read. As someone with a semi-weird name (Gabriele – spelled with just one L, pronounced “Gay-bree-elle,” not “Gah-bree-elle.” I know, I know. Mom/dad, thanks for that one. I’ll never have a little license plate with my name on it), I’ve ALWAYS been a fan of simple, short names. I already have baby names in mind (for WAYYYYY down the road) and let me just say that they don’t have two “ee’s” or excessive “y’s” in them. MycBrynlee is not a name. Stop that. Poor child.

cosby omg

3. Tomorrow morning, we head to San Francisco for Jeannie and Brett’s wedding! I can’t wait to see them get hitched, and also visit the SF area, some wineries and see some of our dearest friends. Also. Anchor. Steam. Beer. Enough said.

Happy Dance

4. This article about the fast food minimum wage strike. You’re kidding, right? I mean, this has to be a joke.


5. Breaking Bad. Holy moley. I mean, we just started the series on Netflix but we’re not halfway through Season 3 (Hank + parking lot scene = a lot of yelling at the TV). Both airports where we have layovers have free Wi-Fi so Kev and I plan on doing some more watching on our trip to/from SF. We are well on our way to catching up before the Sept. 29 series finale.

Jesse yeah, Science!

This post brought to you by GIFs.

Enjoy your long Labor Day weekend!

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