Friday Night

This is my Friday night.

See how bad her eye is? Her surgery is next Monday. 🙁

We’re currently hanging out on the couch/playing fetch while waiting for Kev to get home from work. Do you know what else tonight consists of?

Hours upon hours of Greek. It’s my new favorite. Thanks, Netflix.

Also, Gracie decided to lick my face and now my glasses are gross.

Did you know that one of Kevin’s favorite thing to do to me is to lick his finger and then touch my perfectly clean glasses? It really bugs me, but I kinda wish he was the one doing that tonight instead of Gracie. Who likes to lick herself all day long. Sick.

No cooking – I have no idea what I’ll eat for dinner. Leftovers? Oreos that were on sale this week? Yogurt? No plans whatsoever. I’ll probably wander in the kitchen once my seventh episode of Greek is over.

One last thing before this incredibly exciting blog post is over – go read Kate’s blog at Men Don’t Get Cold. I actually cried I was laughing so hard at some posts. So do yourself a favor and get-ta-reading.

….ONE WEEK until I am in Chicago with Kevin, my mom, dad, brother, aunt and four of my best friends from college. Can daylight savings time jump a week instead of an hour?

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