Gerbers (Not Like the Baby Food)


Dinner was delicious tonight! I made one of my family favorites and it turned out perfectly. I don’t know why we call them Gerbers, but we do and no, it’s not like the baby food!

It’s probably the easiest dinner you’ll ever make. It requires lunch meat (whatever you like!), cheese (whatever you like, but we highly recommend provolone cheese), french bread and butter.

Cut the bread, butter the bread and assemble (told you it was easy).

Turkey for her, ham for him

Pop these babies in the oven at 350 degrees for 12 minutes or so. My dad puts foil over them if the bread is really thick – good thing to remember!

We eat them open-faced and until just now, I didn’t realize this is all we do to them. Next time, I’m going to put banana peppers or jalapenos on mine! Of course, you can add whatever you like. 🙂


When I got home from work today, we had four, FOUR, packages waiting!

Mail, mail, mail - I love mail!

Two packages were Christmas presents I ordered online and one was a package from my grandma and grandpa! (I’m 22 and still get care packages…so?) My grandparents sent us three adorable Christmas ornaments to put on our tree!

I looooove pickles (weird, I know) so I thought the pickle ornament was hilarious! I also love the Blues Santa and Valparaiso University ornaments. How thoughtful of them!

(The fourth package is my first set of cookies from The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap! I’ll write more once I get the other blogger’s cookies in the mail this week. :))

I thought I’d share more of our apartment Christmas decorations and ornaments since I’m so excited about them!

Our table (almost everything on this table is hand-me-down decorations. Thanks, family!)

(Please mind the Target bag in the background – unwrapped Christmas presents!)

DYI Christmas card holder (I LOVE getting Christmas cards. Please send them to me! I’ll give you my address!), an advent calendar, stockings (you can sort of see them) and another table full of decorations.

Those wine bottles look familiar? Pinterest is a wonderful place, friends.

And now for a few of our favorite ornaments:

World Series Champ ornament! Love!

Winnie the Pooh! It moves and makes music, too!

Harry Potter!

How freaking cute is Kevin as a six-year-old?

Ice Skates

The ice skates ornament might be my absolute favorite ornament. My whole family has a pair of ice skate ornaments – I can’t believe my mom let me keep these when she brought up decorations for us!

These presents may or may not be empty boxes.

Well, that’s all for our decorations! I’m off to watch tonight’s new episode of Gossip Girl (I may have a problem)!

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