Germany Travel Guide

I’ve been recapping each day of our trip and will continue to do so, but I had a few people ask me very specific questions – where we stayed, where we ate, what we did, etc. – so I figured I’d put it in one place for those who don’t want to sift through paragraphs of words and pictures of people they don’t know. ūüôā

I’ll start with Germany since it’s where we started our trip. Keep in mind this part of our trip was unique in that we visited family friends, so a lot of what we did was planned for us (which was great!). P.S. full trip recaps can be found here and here.

Where we stayed

We stayed at my German aunt and uncle’s house in Frankfurt, which is the “big city” of Germany. There were still plenty of quaint streets and beautiful houses, throughout the city! A lot of people said Sachsenhausen is a great place to stay, though.

Where we ate/drank 

Oberschweinstiege¬†– Perfect biergarten area for traditional German food and very good beer! If you go in the spring when it’s spargel season, get the spargel, ham and tomato flatbread! Order a¬†mispel shot as a true Frankfurtians would.

Apfelwein Wagner¬†– Localted in Sachsenhausen, this traditional German restaurant has the best schnitzel I’ve ever had. Get it with the green sauce because that’s local to Frankfurt. This restaurant is also famous for apfelwein, which you must get in a bembel. And you might as well get more mispel!

Lokalbahnhof РWe popped in here for a nightcap (or four) and it was a great spot after dinner. Also located in the Sachsenhausen area.

Berg‚Äôs Alte Bauerschanke – This restaurant is located within a beautiful looking hotel along the Rhine River in Rudesheim. It had THE BEST Riesling we’ve ever had in our lives (yes better than Italy!) so you might as well go here just for that. The schnitzel and potatoes were great, too!

What we did 

Goetheturm – It’s a hike but the views are worth it! This tower is located in a park south of Frankfurt and the river which gives you a great look out at the city and surrounding towns.

Downtown Frankfurt РPerfect to just walk around and stop in various shops. In the cooler months, the Christmas market is amazing. We also stopped in the beautiful Frankfurt Cathedral to walk around.

Die Kleinmarkthalle РThis indoor/outdoor market has 60+ vendors selling cheese, meats, flowers, breads and more. We stopped in for a glass of wine and enjoyed it on the rooftop area.


R√ľdesheim – This area is not even an hour outside of Frankfurt and is where the Riesling wine grape is originally from. Sitting right along the Rhine River, this little town is so adorable. Perfect for a little day trip outside of the “big city!”

Pro Tips/Stray Observations 

Watch out for vespas – not just in Germany, but in all of Europe – they’re everywhere!

Smoking is still allowed in bars. Not kidding.

Learn a few key phrases in German before going, despite the fact that most Germans speak very good English. We were lucky in that we had my family translate for us, but we tried to speak a bit when we were in public, at restaurants, etc. For example: danke (thanks!), ja; pronounced “yahh” (yes), nein (no), bitte (please), hallo! (hello) and the most important – prost! (cheers!). We picked up a few others along the way, like Auf Wiedersehen (farewell) and names of foods – spagel, mispel, etc.¬†Like I said, super basic but it was fun to have a¬†few¬†words we could speak.

We spent three full days/four nights in Frankfurt which was a good amount of time to see what we wanted to see. Of course, because we were with family I could have stayed forever!

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