Getting Better

As you know, 2013 didn’t welcome itself in the best way possible (must be ‘Bladdick luck’. Or ‘Deitsch luck’? Either way, we’re doomed.). First with my computer breaking at the fault of innocent devil wine (still can’t drink the stuff), and then moving into yet another new place brought a lot of unwanted stress and worry.

Today was another one of those multi-emotional days for the both of us, with two good things happening, and two kindof bad things. I’ll start with the bad, because I like to end things on a good note.

First, Gracie has been limping for the past few days and we’re not sure why. She doesn’t limp when she’s running outside, and she still plays, but she’s been babying her right paw. We’ve pushed, pulled, twisted, tugged and yanked on her paw to see if we can figure out where exactly it hurts, but she doesn’t budge when we mess with it. So we’re not sure what to do, but I know one thing is for sure…we cannot afford a big vet bill right now.

Which brings me to my next point. After many days, discussions, asking people for their opinions and a pro/con list done by yours truly (of course), I decided to get my Macbook Pro fixed. Many people suggested buying a new one, but after adding up all of the pros and cons, and looking at the bottom line (money), I had to just get mine repaired. It should be done in 5-7 days and I’m praying that we have all of our stuff on it and no data was lost.

So onto the good stuff. Today I went to a PRSA luncheon at the Frazier History Museum located in downtown Louisville. This was my first time venturing downtown in our new city and I’m already obsessed. The buildings are a-dor-a-ble. You know how obsessed I am with pretty city buildings.

photo 1

After listening to the PR/marketing person speak about their efforts, we got a FREE tour of the…

…wait for it…

Princess DIANA exhibit! (cue one of my best friends, Jackie Kenyon, freaking out)

I went to London with my grandparents, aunt and brother when I was younger (I think I was 15, so that would have made it 2004. Pam, is that right?) and my aunt Pam and I quickly became obsessed with all things Royal Family. I even brought a mug with Prince William’s face on it and a book all about Prince Harry (because I’m in love with him). We were convinced we’d see the princes floating around London while we were visiting. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen (although the two of us did happen to see Jake Gyllenhaal in real life this past May which totally makes up for our lack of a prince sighting).

photo 2

ANYWAYS, the exhibit was awesome and I was so excited I had the opportunity to see it. I’ve seen advertisements about it around town, but I knew Kevin would never want to go so this was my chance! They had her real crown on display AND HER WEDDING DRESS! It was awesome and I highly recommend seeing it!

The second piece of good news is that we offered on another house today! We moved quickly on this one, and I was a little nervous about offering before my parents, especially my dad, had a chance to see, but it’s a little unrealistic to ask them to come in town every time we like a house.

Since the first one didn’t work out, we aren’t getting our hopes up for this one and we’re trying to stay positive and know that everything happens for a reason and if it’s not meant to be, then it’s not meant to be! (but we really really want it.)

And to end this day on an even better note, I shall eat this entire plate of cookies and drink this whole glass of milk. My excuse is that I hate milk, except for with cookies or in my cereal. So this allows me to eat as many cookies as I want, because it’s one of the only times I’ll drink milk.

photoGoodnight, wish us luck, and there will be an update soon!


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