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Moving Update


Right. It was spent not sleeping and worrying about moving.

Just kidding, sort of. It hasn’t been that bad, but all I can really think about it the move and all of the things we have to do.

We found out his “report-on” date was pushed back to Nov. 4, which we were glad to hear. This week we talked to our apartment peeps to find out what we can do to get out of our lease (because we conveniently signed a seven-month lease LAST MONTH) and discussed the possibility of buying a house.

BUYING. A. HOUSE. Ya heard it right. Holy sheesh. I’m so lucky to have a dad who is a real estate agent. I’ve talked to him at least three times a day every day.

Enough about the move! It’s all we think about and I want to write about non-moving stuff.

Wedding Update We know our date and our venue (and caterer), so when I was too stressed about moving, I did wedding stuff. I actually got A LOT of wedding stuff done. I’m impressed with myself!

When we were in Minneapolis this past week (I’ll get to this later), our friend Rachel got out her wedding binder (and photo albums) and we talked about weddings for most of the evening. It was AWESOME.

She went through every single detail and it gave me so many good ideas! It inspired me to get to work on our binder/checking things off our to-do list when we got back to Iowa on Tuesday.

I printed off’s checklist and we went by them one-by-one. It helped both Kevin and I get an idea of what we want our wedding to look and feel like.

And she let me keep her binder for now and I have used it so much already! (PS Rachel and Jake – you guys look like babies in that picture!)

I get excited about binders, okay?

A few bloggers that I read regularly (like Tea Time with Tess!) have a Wedding Wednesday post. Sounds like fun! I know it’s Saturday, but I’m on the topic and well, I just like weddings so I want to keep talking about it.

Set a date
Book venue
Book caterer and bar
Book church – We’re working on it.
Book DJ – Kevin and I have been researching some good ones
Book photographer – I have a few promising ones in mind
Book videographer – Hopefully I have an update on this next week!
Create wedding website – Done in July! But we’re waiting to share until we have more info…I’m excited to publish it!
Ask bridal party to be in the wedding – Hopefully I have an update on this next week too!
Register – Waiting until we have a HOUSE!
Book florist – (I could honestly care less about flowers, so this is the least of my concerns)
Buy wedding dress – Plan to look once we move to Louisville
Order save the dates – We’re going to design these ourselves
Finalize guest list
Obviously there are a million other things to do, but these are the top things on our list!

Getting Crafty

My friend Jess and I caught crafting fever and we’re pretty proud of our most recent work! Before Katie’s wedding, I had Jess come over and we made a “Just Married” sign for her and Jake’s getaway car. It turned out better than we had imagined.

My sign is the one that is hidden behind the white and red ‘just married’ sign that was made as a surprise for the couple. Long story short: we used both.

I looked on Pinterest for different DIY ideas and basically combined a bunch of different blog instructions on how to make it.

We made the letters on the burlap with heat bond, just like what we used to make sorority letters.

Mistake #1 – Drinking wine while doing this.

Mistake #2 – Traced letters backwards (see mistake #1)

We cut squares of burlap (4 x 6 in.) and used the heat bond to attach the letters to the burlap.


And because their getaway car was borrowed from a family friend, I didn’t want to use anything to attach the sign that may damage the car, so I used magnets (which I’d argue would work better than anything else).

Once we had all of the letters on the burlap, we set them all out before hot gluing them to the twine (I used 1/4 in. twine by the way).

Mistake #3 – We glued them on backwards. “MA” of “Married” was “AM” so we had to cut it and redo them. Thankfully we noticed after two letters. (again, see mistake #1).

After all of the burlap letters were on the twine, we hot glued the magnets to the back.

Then we tested it out on a car!

Covering the license plate

This is what it looked like up close. You can’t see it in this picture because it’s flipped over, but I cut out a pink heart and used that to separate the words “just” and “married.” We also added strips of fabric to the ends so when they drive, it has the old-school can effect.

In action! Katie said they used this sign on their honeymoon too, so it got lots of use!

Craft #2

Jess and I decided to make fall wreaths last week and I couldn’t be happier with the way they turned out!

We followed the instructions from this Pinterest pin.

Jess wrapped the two foam wreaths with strips of burlap.

While I cut out the colored burlap for the flowers.

I spy her doggie, Callie who just wanted to relax in her crate.

Once the flower parts were cut, we hot glued them together. SO CUTE!

Then we glued the buttons on (which were my favorite part!) before gluing the flowers to the wreath.

I added a “D” (totally jumped the gun on that one), but I figured we’d use this wreath for many years during the fall.

Finished product in action!

Adorable, right?!

Moving update, wedding update, craft update, whew! Kevin received his relocation paperwork today so we’re off to go decipher that section-by-section.

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5 thoughts on “Getting Crafty


    (my) Kevin wants to buy a house as soon as our lease is up in our apartment here. I might have to hit your dad up for some advice later!

    What neighborhoods are you guys checking out?


    I’ll give you his email/number if you need it later! I mean, I talk to my parents multiple times a day already, but this week it was getting a little ridiculous haha. I have so many questions about everything – I feel like I’m in 5th grade again learning a new subject.

    I have NO idea what neighborhoods (yet) because I’ve never been to Louisville! Any suggestions??

    • Kevin and I love the Saint Matthews neighborhood (near Shelbyville Road) because it has EVERYTHING: huge mall, chain restaurants, fun local restaurants, Target, grocery stores, etc. One of the biggest Catholic high schools in Louisville is at the heart of it, so it really reminds us of Cincinnati. Plus, two of the main highways cross at the edge of this neighborhood so it’s really easy to get anywhere from here.

      The cool, hip place to live is The Highlands (near Bardstown Road), which has a bunch of cute local shops and restaurants. We love to go here but parking can be a real hassle in this neighborhood. The houses farther away from Bardstown Road are really nice and I think the parking gets better farther away from the main road.

      We currently live in the Clifton/Crescent Hill area (Frankfort Ave and Brownsboro Road) which is a great location and close to everything, especially downtown. There are some great restaurants and bars but if you want to get to a Target or Walmart, you gotta drive somewhere else. The only issue we have right now with our neighborhood is that it’s very hit-or-miss. You’ll have one street with awesome houses that are very well-kept and then the next street looks like a whole lot of white trash.

      As for other neighborhoods, we haven’t had much of a chance to explore ones farther away from us. I’d stay away from the area around the main U. of Louisville campus because it gets a little shady in places. There are a lot of really nice neighborhoods farther away from downtown, out in the suburbs, but it’ll take you a good 30-40 minutes to get anywhere.

      Phew! Lots of info there lol

    • If you zoom in really close, the very last line of text on our binder says “(#monicageller).” I just had to.

      And I’m convinced that if I lived closer, we would be bffs…crafting while watching Friends and drinking would be our #1 weekly activity.

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