Glorified BLT Crostini

Does anyone else ever get into a cooking slump? Kevin and I are really good at planning our meals. Each week, we plan out our lunches and dinners, make a grocery list and stick as close to it as possible. The system works well for us because it helps us stay within our food budget, but it’s also nice because it usually only means one trip to the grocery store (and I hate the grocery store. #RIPhyvee).

But lately, I’ve been in a major slump. I can’t seem to think of anything new to make and I’m having a hard time not making the same thing over and over again. The other day, I couldn’t think of one final meal to round out our list, and I asked Kevin what he wanted. He said bacon. I already had asparagus and goat cheese on our list for another meal, so I was trying to think of how I could incorporate bacon with the other ingredients.

And voila! I came up with an asparagus and bacon crostini with a goat cheese spread. Sure, it may sound fancy, but it’s really a glorified BLT (minus the T and exchange the L for A/asparagus.). Well, at least it tasted like the best BLT I’ve ever had.


This dish was filling enough to serve as our main course, but I’ll also plan on making it as an appetizer the next time I’m in need of a quick and easy recipe that isn’t taco dip. 😉


  • French loaf
  • Bacon
  • Asparagus
  • Plain goat cheese
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO)
  • Salt & pepper


  • Coat asparagus with EVOO, salt and pepper
  • Coat both sides of bread with EVOO
  • Bake both at 350 for 10-12 minutes
  • Meanwhile, cook bacon
  • When bread cools, spread with goat cheese
  • Top with bacon and asparagus
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