Good Intentions

The sushi party we went to last night was so fun (and delicious)! As I said yesterday, Kevin’s co-worker’s wife is from Thailand and she is an amazing cook. They frequently have people over for dinner (aka a feast) and we never leave hungry.

This is Sao, the chef!

She taught me how to make my very own roll! (Side note, we played with the cutest baby ever last night. Kevin’s co-worker’s wife came over with their 11-month-old, Ethan. I’ll babysit! :))

We rolled, rolled and rolled some more.

Success! Crab, shrimp, avocado, cream cheese and cucumber.

I also tried sake for the first time! Though sake is Japanese, not Thai, we still had some with our sushi rolls. It was good! Just checkin’ stuff off my 2012 resolution list left and right these days.

This morning, Kevin and I had the BEST intentions of going to church. We haven’t found a church in Des Moines that we both like (doesn’t help that he’s Catholic and I’m Lutheran), but we go when Kevin’s off work and try to keep an open mind. Last night, I looked up the service hours of a new church we were going to try, so we got up this morning, ate a great breakfast, played with Grace and arrived at the church five minutes early.

We noticed there wasn’t a single person walking into the church and both thought it was really odd, but made our way to the door anyways. When we walked in, we saw a sign that said church started at 10 a.m. Oops. The church I looked up had service at 10:30 a.m., so we were really 25 minutes late, not 5 minutes early.

We tried! 🙁

On our way home, we decided to stop by Bed, Bath & Beyond to get a few presents for our friend Rachel’s wedding coming up. I could spend hours in BBB browsing the random home goods, but Kevin made sure to get in and out in a jiffy.

The cool thing about buying a wedding present at BBB is that they have a free wrapping station. I thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Success! Hey Rachel, betcha wanna know what’s in there, huh?!

Yep. Wearing the same shirt I wore last night. I only had it on for a few hours!

After BBB, we went next door to PetSmart. We love our dog, we really do, but she EATS toys like it’s her job. We tried going the cheap route and buying a bunch of super cheap toys, but she destroys them beyond recognition in a matter of hours. Jess and Chris suggested Orka toys, so we bought one of those balls a few weeks ago and it is still in one piece! Amazing!

We decided to throw away all of her bits and pieces of toys (tails, heads, arms, legs, etc.) and “start fresh” with a few quality toys.

We got rid of everything except for the Okra blue ball, pink Kong, three bones and two of the toys that appear to be in one piece. The rest are heads, tails and torn bodies of old toys.


The new: another Orka toy and a big rope for tug-of-war! We also picked up a hearty bone to keep her busy and a new clicker (our training tool) because two of them have mysteriously disappeared over the past few months.

Minutes after getting home and giving Gracie the new Orka toy, she chewed a corner of it off.


I called PetSmart and they said they have a guarantee on some toys and Orka is one of the “non destructible” toys so they will give a full refund. See ya tomorrow, PetSmart.

I’m off to go bake a little bit, get dinner ready, watch Friday Night Lights and book my plane ticket to Scottsdale, Arizona! We decided that’s where we’re having Katie’s bachelorette party in August and I cannot wait to book my ticket!



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2 thoughts on “Good Intentions

  1. Tater destroys everything, too! Only the really, really tightly woven ropes work for him. Gatorade bottles are great too 🙂 The sushi party looked so fun! PS Loved your comment about re-wearing your shirt – I do that all the time, but always seem to have a random run-in with someone I was with the night before. . .

    • I forgot about Gatorade bottles! You told me that awhile ago – I’m going to need to remember that. How is Tater feeling after his surgery? Poor guy. 🙁 The sushi party was SO fun but I was stuffed after! And thank you for commenting about the shirt – I do it all the time too! Ha ha luckily I didn’t run into anyone from the night before. Just announced it on my blog…no big deal. 🙂

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